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The Zann Consortium

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Well now that I have your attention I might as well tell you something useful..... HI!

No realy here are some reasons why to join The Zann Consortium (TZC)

1) It may be small but it's working out.

2) There will soon be a new way of tech dealing with-in TZC along with a good Black Market (trade deals tech deals etc.)

3) Where else can you find any other better place to make a coup then in a Consortium! :D

4) We have a strong constitution where everything is layed out and basicly no loop-holes so.... you get the idea on that one

5) There is an easy forum so you can't get confused with-in it and just wonder around.

There are more reasons but 5 is good I mean we don't want to hurt anyones heads with to much reading. Haha.


www.thezannconsortium.freeforums.org <-- that's our forums

And if you have any questions or anything just contact me here, in CN or in TZC's forums.

Have a nice day!

King Silas

Zann of The Zann Consortium

Edited by King Silas
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