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Architecture and Power

Council of Ten

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Emperors, Kings, Princes, Presidents, Prime Ministers and others, it is time to show off your Nation's seats of government or palaces.

Introducing the Bailiwick of Conti's Guildhall:


So... where do you live?

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One of the Imperial Family’s favorite homes is Peterhof


But they when they’re in Moscow they spend most of their time at the Imperial Palace at Moscow, a replica of the Catherine Palace.


Slavorussia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has a two story apartment in the Grand Kremlin Palace.


Then there's Slavorussia's Parliament building, sometimes called the "White House."


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OOC Note: All pictures are clickable.

Also, there's about 2+ dozen castles in Bavaria alone. I could use all of them if I felt like it.


Neuschwanstein castle, King Maximilian III.'s winter residence, is in the southwest of Bavaria.

th_Castle_Neuschwanstein.jpg - th_Neuschwanstein_castle.jpg - th_Neuschwanstein_Castle_frontal_view.jpg

Nearby Neuschwanstein is Hohenschwangau, the King's holiday residence.

th_Hohenschwangau.jpg - th_Hohenschwangau_castle_Nov.jpg - th_Schloss_Hohenschwangau_at_night_1.jpg

The Königsbau in Munich is the King's main residence, where he spends most of the year.

th_Mnchen_Knigsbau01.jpg - th_Mnchen_Knigsbau02.jpg - th_Mnchen_Knigsbau03.jpg - th_Mnchen_Knigsbau04.jpg

th_Mnchen_Knigsbau05.jpg - th_Mnchen_Knigsbau06.jpg - th_Mnchen_Knigsbau07.jpg - th_Mnchen_Knigsbau08.jpg

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Office of the President. The President also has a small apartment in this building, but for the most part it is the working office of the Executive Branch.


Vikingsholm, Official Country home of the President


Ranch house owned by the President

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The Director's House, shown here in an aerial view. The capital city of Redemptio is in the background.


The chambers of the Senate/House. If both are in session simultaneously, the Senate uses the amphitheater style chamber (the ball) and the House meets in the lower section.


The Director's retreat near Egon.


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Generalissimo currently resides in the Saint Paul City Wasteland, Saint Paul Island


Generalissimo has also been known to conduct international business from atop this bullet ridden vehicle in the ruins of Saint Paul City, Saint Paul Island

Generalissimo maintains additional offices in a derelict taxi and a mahogany desk adjacent to Saint Paul’s dirt airfield.

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Imperial Winter Palace in the Austrian Alps


The Palace of Zagreb - Residence of the Empress and her family during most of the year


Belvedere Palace - Property of the Imperial Family and mostly used for foreign dignitaries or should the Palace of Zagreb be unavailable.


Summer Resort


Government Seat - The Sabor and several Ministries are housed in this state of the art building in Zagreb


Residence of the Prime Minister

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Stohrting in Stockholm


Hey I recognise that round funny looking building... That's NZ's parliament!

Fun fact; The round building, or the beehive, is actually where the government sits, the grey smaller building right beside it is where the debating happens and the opposition offices are also there.

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