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World Cruise

king of cochin

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The two Naval officers were ushered into the King's Office by the Chaver soldiers.

"Ah yes, welcome Admirals. Please be seated."

"So, Admiral Arun, we meet again. " Rear Admiral Arun Sebastian saluted his Supreme Commander and Admiral of the Seas and took his seat.

"So Adm. Arun, your command is ready for this long voyage?"

"Yes Your Majesty, I have been training my crew extensively for some time. We are ready."

"How is the morale of your sailors. "

"Sir, they are all excited about this sail. I had arranged everyone 2 months leave before the cruise and right now they are thirsting for high seas. "

"Admiral Marakkar, how do you ascertain their readiness? Are the men and vessels ready for this long voyage?"

"Yes Your Excellency, they are ready."

"Very well then. Rear Admiral Arun Sebastian, bring honor to the Kingdom of Cochin. Make us proud. Make your command proud."

"In your service, Your Majesty."

The two admirals saluted the King and left the office.

Rear Admiral Arun Sebastian is the Commanding Officer of the first Cochin class air craft carrier, CNS Cochin, A02 and the Commander of carrier Task Force 02. The Task force was composed of 6 surface warships, 5 submarines and 4 support ships.

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The Task Force 02 sailed from Royal Cochin Naval Base Ratnagiri.

This was the first global cruise undertaken by a Royal Cochin Naval task group. Individual submarines had of course sailed across the various oceans of the globe but not a surface combatant.

The sail is to be a mission of peace.

It shall sail only through International waters and all efforts would be taken to avoid territorial waters.

The 15 ships of the task force formed up line abreast facing the Naval base and the customary gun salute was performed. It was received on shore by Vice Admiral KP Marakkar, the Chief of Naval Operations and Gen. Mahesh Varma, the Commander of Royal Cochin Defense Forces.

After the gun salute the ships turned smartly to starboard and sailed in line astern formation to begin their voyage.

A minimal BARCAP shall be enforced once the Task Force left Dragon Empire territorial waters. Though it is a mission of peace the task force was well capable of taking care of itself. Apart from the full regiment of Mig29Ks aboard CNS Cochin, the warships were armed with the best and fiercest of RCN's inventory. The Kingdom of Cochin recognized the aggressive policies of many nations around the world who might seek to harm the Kingdom's global initiatives.

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OOC: If anyone has any problems with the route please inform me. Please cooperate. Honor free passage of the seas. We are not belligerents, we are not aggressive. We are just on a familiarization world cruise. 200 NM is the norm for Exclusive Economic Zones.

I shall try utmost not to cross it but if there is any problem inform me in this thread.

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OOC: If anyone has any problems with the route please inform me. Please cooperate. Honor free passage of the seas. We are not belligerents, we are not aggressive. We are just on a familiarization world cruise. 200 NM is the norm for Exclusive Economic Zones.

I shall try utmost not to cross it but if there is any problem inform me in this thread.

OOC: The northernmost part of the route is going through the icy glaciers of the north pole, etc. Impossible to get through those.

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First map you would be seeing me :(

If you want, St. Helena is up a bit further and you can visit, dock and port just by curving it up a bit.

The Task Force will make a slight detour to visit St. Helena. May we ask about the possibility of our supply ships being restocked while they are docked at St. Helena? Kingdom of Cochin would gladly pay the necessary charges. We would like to stock up on Number 2 Diesel fuel and if possible additional victualing for the crew. (OOC: Magazines, training films. :P)

If your ships want blockade running experiance, you can stop in Washington. :awesome:

Since the region is under immense turmoil and tensions we cannot risk to send our forces there. We thank you for your invitation and we hope that in a more peaceful time a visit more fitting could be arranged.

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After steady sail for some days the Task Force 02 made its first course change at 30dS, 60dE.

In the offing was the sail past Arctica and Transvaal. The turbulent seas at Cape of Good Hope shall be tricky but manageable.

This section of cruise was through several island chains belonging to Transvaal and a BARCAP of 2 fighters were maintained at all times.

The sonographic conditions of this juncture where Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean were keeping the Submarine COs very nervous and copious amounts of coffee was being polished off in the various galleys.

The destroyers and frigates in the task force were currently keeping their monstrous radars at Passive mode not daring to send characteristics of their radar systems away. They all received their radar feeds from the single METAC AWACS now in flight.

The task force commander in CNS Cochin was maintaining a radar beacon to let the Transvaal navy that they were passing through. Too much covertness is counter productive for such a mission after all. The task force is advertising its presence in the most benign way possible.

This section of the cruise was until 40dS, 15dE when they shall be out of Transvaal proximity and enter Atlantic Ocean proper. The detour to St. Helenas which the Fleet Admiralty had ordered a few hours ago shall take place then.

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We wish you make sure you are more than 370km away from out sub Antarctic islands.

We hope you are referring to your islands near 150d E longitudes. We remember your earlier response. We shall keep 200 Nm away from your territories, which is 370.4 Km away from your territorial waters. We shall be passing close to Hanseatic Commonwealth's Antarctic territories.

I am guessing that Macquarie Island at 54d36'27"S , 158d40'05"E is your southernmost sub Antarctic Island. If so our present course is well out of your territorial waters.

We hope that you wont be unnecessarily hostile to our peaceful passage.

Edited by king of cochin
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At 40d43'44"S , 12d02'57"E coordinates the lead ship of Task Force 02, FR14 under took the course change on a bearing to Falkland Islands for Atlantic Transit.

They had received orders from Fleet Admiralty that the port visit to St. Helenas was canceled as a detour to that point would cause an additional 3832 NM of travel and would be inefficient for the cruise. So the Task Force proceeded on its original course.

The Royal Cochin Naval Task Force had already covered nearly 8000 Nm, which was only one third of journey completed.

The stormy transit past the southern edge of Africa was quite hairy and a Mig29K part of BARCAP was almost blown away while landing back on deck by the gale force winds.

Now the course was even more treacherous as the South Atlantic was often littered by icebergs monstrous in size.

The METAC ELINT air crafts were now on 24 hour deployments to study the course ahead.

The Submarines of the task force weer meanwhile engaged in exercises of their own. A sea littered with icebergs made for interesting sonographic conditions. The natural forces that act upon the massive block of ice produce a lot of mechanical noises and these are transmitted through water also. The subs were trying to alternatively hide and seek amidst this acoustic camouflage.

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You are invited to make a short stopover in Novus Niciae and meet with our government and see the local sights.

We are grateful for your invitation. However the Task Force 02, which is doing the world cruise has already entered Atlantic Ocean and is headed to the Southern tips of South America.

Perhaps Novus Niciae would welcome the Cruiser Task Force 07 which is based at Bosaso in the Republic of Free Somal for a friendly port visit? We would like to explore possibilities of greater diplomacy and inter governmental relations between our two nations.

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47d07'39"S , 40d11'42"W

The Task Force is now around 400 NM north of the Bird Islands and is turning South West for their passage between Bird Islands and Falkland Islands to leave South Atlantic Ocean and enter South Pacific Ocean.

Already quite close to Antarctica the sailors were getting used to the ever increasing coldness of the seas they were sailing through. It would be a good practice for when they would finally make landfall near the colonies of Hanseatic Commonwealth.

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65d05'30"s , 164d02'13"s

The Task Force has cleared the most arduous part of its journey, the 2134 NM journey within the Antarctic Circle. Crossing it at 95d15'W and leaving it at 168d09'E the Task Force reached its southernmost point at 70d37'S latitude.

The sailing was arduous. The frigid conditions were new to the sailors and even more so for those tasked with watch duty.

In fact evry sailor in the Task Force had to stand on watch duty during these days, regradless of his/her rank. Every 90 minute watch wad followed by 30 minutes in steaming jacuzzies courtesy of various engine rooms.

Now CNS Cochin is 75 km North of Young Island the northernmost of Balleny ISlands, a drab uninhabited island chain.

A week earlier while the Task Force was battling the numerous ice bergs that littered these seas an MH53 lifted off from CNS Cochin preceded by a METAC Tanker. The MH53 landed a team of 15 Special Forces Commandos in Young Island with a bare 5 days of supplies and told them to survive for 7 days.

This team was commanded by a Colonel and a Master Sergeant. A voluntary mission, this expedition would determine many parameters for Royal Cochin Defense Forces.

After a week of dodging the icebergs the Task Force neared Sturge Island the MH53 lifted off to Young Island. Of the 15 soldiers who had landed 13 climbed aboard the massive helicopter carrying 3 of their comrades. Two of them were severely ill and one had succombed to the severe cold.

It was a sad day for the Task Force, but a necessary sacrifice.

The valiant soldier's demise had given valuable lessons to the RCDF for further expeditions in the severe cold.

But soldiers are realists of the highest order. Life and death stare them in their faces every day. In the creed of the warrior E6, Sqd.Srg. Purushottam Singh had died a warrior's death. The enemy he had fought was nature herself and he fought her so that his future comrades would be that much well equipped to defeat her.

His fellow soldiers and sailors toasted his life and mourned his death in the way of the soldiers. They held their own wake with gallons of Rum produced by their galleys.

The 2 Commandos who were sick on shore were taken to the reinforced hospital in CNS Cochin where the best Tundra condition doctors of the Kingdom were brought for this mission.

The Task Force was now on to its next leg of voyage this time to make landfall at Hanseatic Commonwealth colonies in Antarctica at Queen Mary Land.

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The Task Force 02 arrived at the Hanseatic Commonwelath colony in Queen Mary Land of East Antarctica. It was a long awaited but brief crew rest for the sailors. For fully three days the sailors could rest albeit within the confines of their ship. The conditions on land were too frigid for a proper relaxation.

While the sailors were resting senior officers of the Task Force went ashore to meet the administrators of the colony. They discussed on the various aspects of life in this harsh and extreme terrain.

Meanwhile the flight deck of CNS Cochin was not yet completely at rest. A flight of 4 Mig29Ks lifted off into the clear Antarctic Sky. They too were on a high risk voluntary mission - to fly around in the uncharted interior of the continent as far as they dared. And daring they were.

Following them was a flock of 3 Blackhawks who had improvised themselves with the empirical data collected by the SF team from Young Island to be reasonably confident of operating in these terrains. They had a C-SAR mission for this flight, as if the fighters ever came down it was their mission to rescue them before the Mother Nature killed them.

Senior RCDF staff who had come aboard the Task Force went around collecting various data as this was quintessential a scientific fact finding mission.

After so many weeks away from their home land everyone was feeling a bit homesick but they remained in the comfort was they were on their last leg home.

Later as evening was announced by the various clocks in ships the 3 Mig29Ks landed back on CNS Cochin followed by the 3 Blackhawks who luckily were not called for.

Every team sent out were unarmed but were more than enough compensated in load by the number of instruments they carried.

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