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Once a month the entire upper government of the Alliance met; this included the two executive committees, the Governors and Viceroys governing the territories of the Alliance, major NGP party leadership, the General Secretary of the party, and of course the General Administrator or more commonly called Emperor. They met in the grand chambers located in the Imperial Estate itself. The room like most things in the Estate was overflowing with obvious displays of wealth and the near endless supply of capital the Alliance Government had access too. The chamber was itself circular its walls made of the polished white marble the entirety of the estate was interiored with. In the center was a circular area where the floor was lower than the surrounding floor, around this area was a small wall designed more out of symbol than it was out of use. The wall surrounded the pit with the exception of two entrances where a small flight of stairs consisting of three steps led down to the lower level. In the center of this lower level was a long table, around which sat the members of the executive committees, the head of which was occupied by the Emperor. On the outside of the pit sat the others in attendance. Rising from his own seat, the others in attendance following suit Thomas stood to begin the meeting. Devereaux was what one might say… an elitist; though not in the sense that one might think. He laughed to himself knowing all of them had spent thousands of credits hiring tailors to make suits for them for such occasions, the point being to impress one another and to more importantly to impress him. Devereaux knew that all of these gentlemen could afford any measure of clothing he could, but he had one thing on them none of them could ever match… he didn’t have to impress anyone. So to flout this fact, that he didn’t have to care what he wore, he made a point to under dress for such important occasions. Not to say he over killed it, he had chosen a pair of khaki slacks, with a crimson dress shirt, a black tie and a gray sweater vest; he looked as though he had been pulled out of a golf game. “Gentlemen, welcome to conclave. As all of your lawyers have no doubt already explained this is your moment to speak freely… and frankly as equals. There are by law no political, legal or any other repercussions for anything spoken here. That being said, let us begin.” He finished by taking his seat. Jeffrey Avers former Governor of Province IV now Viceroy of SAZ I rose from the outer level. “Ah Jeffrey, I suppose it is to be expected…”

“Yes, Thomas; I do have a complaint. In the last few days I have gone from Governor of the largest, most heavily populated, most economically important territory in the alliance, to viceroy of the second smallest territory, that is little more than a trading port. I had many friends in the territory you traded, and I had a well oiled machine. Now… I have nothing. How is that fair?” A few heads nodded in the audience.

Turning his head Devereaux looked from behind his dark thick framed glasses and answered him. “Tell me Jeff, have you read any of my theory and practice of neutral pragmatism… I mean I did mail a copy to all of you?” He laughed to himself, “My decision wasn’t about whether it was fair, in fact that never even entered my mind. Let’s remember you serve at my pleasure. Were you qualified; absolutely, it wasn’t about your qualifications it was about one thing, lives, and materialism. Now a few days ago I was fairly certain we would be going to war, no one could have predicted what visari would do… no one could have predicted that the coalition against nordland would have allowed such an easy surrender; but they did. So I am sitting there with all my soldiers in the Balkans between the nords and one million plus soldiers and you are occupying a territory which to the south sits the Republic. Now this nation is a nation who’s political philosophy is diametrically opposed to ours and who has already declared war on nordland. We also just got through having a verbal war with Somalia which ultimately accused us of being colonists. So we are presented the option; we could either have the republic take over those lands and get nothing… or the university could take them and we further our relationship with them as well as retain some presence in the region. Also… losing that territory wasn’t an economic loss for us it was an economic benefit. Upkeep there was horrendous and this way someone else gets to cover that bill while we retain a source of raw materials and a market for our finished goods. So ultimately… this relieved the alliance of a burden. Anything else?” Avers took his seat. “Great, next?” Mathew Stood. “Ah Mr. Kaine… what is it that troubles you? How fairs Nova Swisse”

“Nothing brother... all is well. Though what of Swizterland?”

“I may contact purssia… I may not, I haven’t decided.”

“I see…” He returned to his seat.

“Anyone else?” The individual didn’t stand though his voice was very clear.

“Why neutrality?” Devereaux had been pondering the same question himself. He knew why he did it, he just couldn’t express it. He sighed…

“This world is about to get very dull… the nords… while no one will admit it brought excitement. They created through their tyranny a revolutionary spirit. Groups like the TEC, movements like the GPI, and even to some degree the valkarie of peace herself are more or less reactions or at the very least strengthened by examples of that which they oppose. They fight, they struggle but at the end of the day when they have won that excitement ceases. The world no longer needs activists, it needs managers, people to maintain the status quo, and that is what all these people will realize. Europe will become a bloc, Asia, and Africa already are, and the west will continue to be stable. Political progress, and change, will pretty much stop, and the world will stagnate. I don’t want to be a part of that, I am sickened by the present all I see now are new tyrants with different excuses. The world has become a shadow of its former glory, and it pains me. But that’s fine… one day someone will change that. One day an opposition will arise to challenge this new order. A hawk of war to challenge the valkarie of peace. A voice which realizes war isn’t itself bad it is merely a means to an end. That aggression can sometimes be for good. But that isn’t me, or any of us… I am content to leave them to their stagnation, let them rule their little world.”

“Fair.” The group nodded.

“Alright well if there are no others I think the Internal Ministry had a report… actually,” He paused “Lets take a break, everyone get out.” The group stood and started slowly making its way to the door. Devereaux remained seated. “Everyone except Dr. Ambrose; I’d like to talk to him.” Ambrose remained seated.

“What can I do for you sir?” Thomas sighed…

“I want an heir.” Ambrose blinked.

“Uh, that can be arranged. In fact I have been waiting for you to ask that. Give me a few days and we can have a meeting. Alright?”

“Alright.” Devereaux said, as he stared into the empty room. It was about how he felt at that moment… behind that incoherent mask of resolve was something far more simple… Boredom…

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