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IRAN Government Update

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Due to Mogar's banning and an unclear timeline for his return (indeed, his return is also not set in stone), it is with heavy hearts that the remaining 4 Councilors of IRAN must assign his position of Councilor of Foreign Affairs to somebody else.

However, that somebody else couldn't be anyone better: James Maximus.

Although he has been a member for only 6 days, he has been as helpful as a someone who has been with us for months. He has fully redesigned our forums and greatly improved our IRC channel setups. He has also been incredibly supportive after the loss of Mogar, as well as a valiant voice in the effort to have him unbanned. Thus, it is with great pleasure that I announce this as the current government of IRAN (Changes are in bold):

Councilor of Defense: Nano Lee

Councilor of Economics: Bibliophile

Councilor of Foreign Affairs: James Maximus

Councilor of Internal Affairs: The Manbearpig

Councilor of Recruitment and Education: Cpt Nugs

EDIT: How the hell did I forget to put in the flag???

Edited by The Manbearpig
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James did excellent service with the Initiative and there's no better place for him to be than with our close allies. IRAN, you've weathered many storms in the recent months and I dare say you'll come out from this one in quite the same excellent style as always.

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