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Minimum cash % looted in GAs?

Sgt Alvin C York

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The victor in a battle has the ability to capture up to 15% of the opponents available cash up to $1 million. (If the defending nation has been inactive for 13 days or more these items will be destroyed rather than looted)

So 15% or 1m is the upper limit for cash looted. What is the lower limit percentage? What is the minimum % of cash that I can loot from an enemy in a GA? Anyone know?

Also, if you know the lower limit, are the probabilities equal for all possible results (that is, is 15% just as likely as 13% and 11%, for example, or is it different?).

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Well it depends, if you loose the battle you give them cash. If the battle is a win, then it can be random. If it is a tie, then you dont win or give any money.

I know all this. What I'm interested in is the bolded section. Specifically, I'm interested in the game mechanics around the word "random." Surely there's not a chance that you will loot 0% of your enemy's cash, but the wording "up to 15%" implies that you don't always loot 15% (and we can see this empirically). So there must be a middle ground, some minimum cash percentage looted.

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