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Election time in New Cymru


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The first elections under the new government structure are due to begin just one week from today. This years election differs from previous years by the lack of an organised party system. Instead, each region votes for a representative to the senate, from their own opinion of the candidates personal policies. Once he obtains a seat, the Senator can then make adresses to the house to request public funding for his region to carry out his policies, often gaining support from senators of similar views. Furthermore, the senator is able to put forward federal statutes and fund allocations to be voted on by the house, and has the power to vote on the same. Each senator, after one month in office, is allowed to publicly nominate a triumvir candidate, of which there can be any number. Then, a vote is taken within the senate to appoint three triumvirs for a period of two years, after which the triumvirs must step down if they are not voted back into the triumvirate. A triumvir may not hold the office for more than eight years, and for no more than fpour consecutive years. A senator can hold office indefinately.

If at any time it is felt a triumvir or senator is failing in his duties to the nation, he may be removed through a plebiscite.

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