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A Ravyns Announcement

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One Year!!!!

Well, we've made it. Our first birthday.

Ravyns was founded on June 19, 2008. We had a rather controversial separation from CIS, but found protection with the League of Small Superpowers. We stayed close with LoSS, and slowly grew under their guidance.

We signed our first non-protectorate treaty in January of 2009, an ODP with the Trilateral Commission. For some reason (we may have been high), we later upgraded that to an OADP.

We signed our first Mutual Defense Pact with The Shadow Confederacy on March 18, 2009. We've had a good relationship with them, and hope it stays forever.

We upgrade our protectorate with LoSS to an MDoAP yesterday, and then joined our first bloc, the Inner Circle with Iunctus and TriCom, about eight hours ago.

We couldn't have made it without LoSS. :wub:

Shoutouts to...

Co God Ben: For keeping us on track

Krunk the Great: For being kind of goofy most of the time

The rest of LoSS: Plain epicness

Grim Reaper: For fixing that relationship mess your predecessor in TriCom left you.

Alekhine: For keeping us on track for the near-year you were here.

Johan: For being an awesome IRC kickbag.

TSC: For being steadfast and win allies

StJimmy: For being extremely amusing when you did commentary on pedo-baiting.

tl;dr We're one, you're an idiot if you didn't read this short announcement.

And as it turns out, Ravyns and Brian Welch, former lead guitarist of Korn share a birthday. So happy birthday us and Brian Welch!

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Ahhh it seems like just yesterday you were this big |...| Oh how you have grown. I remember when your founders came out of the waiting room tears in their eyes holding your charter in their arms. All the friends and family jumped up and ran to look at it.

Now one year later, you have gotten so big |.......|. Losing the baby fat helped and has made you look much stouter. At such a young age your already starting to learn about the birds and the bees with all the treaties you have signed. But remember, don't let it go to your head and sign one to many treaties. It might land you in trouble with another alliance or worse yet, another alliances protectors. I hear they have big guns. Basically, I don't want to see any little Ravyns running around. Splinters alliances like that can cause hard times.

Good luck to you!


o/ Ravyns

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