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The Royal We


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(fair warning, you will get dumber reading this)

A few of you may know me, some of you may have heard of me, and most of you don't care.


I'm forming an alliance, and no you can't join since it is a one-person alliance formed so I could make alliance politics my business and so recruiters will go look somewhere else.

Basically this is like that flying shark alliance from the days of old except nowhere near as cool. I won't claim it is since Opethian is still around.

I am also following DK's guide to alliance creation so this ish will be crisp.


1. I have more experience then you and have never been ZI'd (believe it or not). I played CN for way too long and it was getting annoying so I got banned and concentrated on RL for a while.

2. A charter (see below).

3. A Flag


4. Active members: Me

5. Forums: All business will be conducted on the guest sections of other alliance's forums.

6. Irc Channel: All business will be conducted using the registered irc channels of other alliances.

7. A Protectorate Treaty- One of the goals of the "Royal We" is not having anything worth protecting thus we will always have the last laugh.

Royal We Alliance


Short Title

This charter may be known as "The Charter" and shall be cited as "The Final Countdown"


The Final Countdown commences on June 18, 2009.


shopped- The past tense of photoshopping an image to make you believe something was photographed, when in reality the incident never occured.

ach ja- oh yes

bandwagon- Also known as beating up on the weak unpopular kids

treaties- fancy text that inevitably leads to war in cybernations

tech trading- something for stronger nations to do when infrastructure gets expensive

Truth and Honour- In Cybernations the use of these terms is entirely subjective and ultimately have no meaning other than filling for propaganda.

War (Pigs)

The final countdown entails hereby makes the production of 'shopped images for the purposes of grossly overstating our military capabilities, and providing proof that we have indeed had hot sex with your alliance on irc (a/s/l), and generally making our enemies cower in fear.

Appropriate examples include the following:


a/s/l will not be provided nor asked for.

We are neutral unless we can join a bandwagon and we reserve the right to break all treaties when it would benefit us.

Nation Building

The members of the Royal We may *not* under any circumstances make any trades or buy any infrastructure or anything else that would make citizens fruitful and multiply.

Being fruitful and multiplying is banned,

Tech trading is ok, not sure why you'd want to do it though,

A 1000% capital gains tax is imposed on all tech trading.

Obligations and Conflict Resolution

Lemme know honey how you feel, tell me if this love is real.

All members are obligated to protect the Royal We and forfeit all control of their nation thus becoming glorified multies, but since we are the royal we, multies are banned.

Any pesky disagreements regarding any alliance issues will be solved by a duel to the death with ourselves. Our alliances may join but you are not invited, go away.

If the end result of this conflict is a split in the Royal We, we reserve the exclusive right to use the terms, "honour" and "truth"

You are now in Mountain Time, doesn't matter what time zone you were in or how much caffeine you have to drink to stay up for update.

Dulce et Decorum est

The Royal We shall act in a cordial manner towards all alliances, unless of course you give us a reason not to, in which case we will respond with leaving our computers and doing something other than having an internet argument with the self-righteous pricks that populate this game.

Serious Business

Cybernations is serious business, thats why the Royal We declare the "Pink" team as their dominion. All members of the team shall hereby look to the Royal We for fashion advice and sport pink polo shirts with a popped collar or pink cardigans. Disobeidience will result in a visit from the fashion police ACH JA. Multiple popped collars will be rewarded.

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