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Fallen Knights

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Fallen Knights

Fallen Knights is a Purple based alliance, although it has not had major enforcement to switch teams yet, because of trades. We are close community and are very friendly. Although we cannot offer too much aid we will aid you whenever we can. We only have 25 members but we are growing fast! At FK we stride to help out all nations in growing and rebuilding from the war.

We do tons of tech deals with TOP, Invicta, and Gremlins. So come on over and chill with us at #Fallen-Knights.

Reasons to join

1. We are awesome.

2. We will help you stride to push your nation to its fullest potential with our guides in war, nation growth, and your nation in general.

3. We offer aid whenever we can! Up to 6 million!

4. We setup tech deals for YOU so your nation can get the most out of its economy.

5. We do massive tech deals!

6. We are on purple! Who doesn't wub purple?

So if your interested come look around our forum at: http://www.fallen-knights.22web.net

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Be patient, It takes awhile to get replies from others. I've face the same when I posted my thread on here earlier. There are alot of alliances being advertised on here, again just be patient. B)

Congrats on your alliance btw

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