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Joint Nueva Vida - Nordreich Announcement

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I dunno... call me an optimist, but about a couple months ago I thought "hey, Nordreich looks like it's got all the parts to be a success". Since then, I'm glad to say I've been genuinely impressed both by their membership, and their leadership. Kaiser Kingzog has proven to be one hell of a leader, and their members are some of the best Planet Bob can group together. It has been our pleasure to get to see the new direction they have taken; one of diplomacy, tact, and reason.

With Nordreich's success comes their growth. As they are now nearing the 2 mil NS mark, a protectorate is no longer necessary. The unilateral defense that Nueva Vida has afforded NoR is hereby rescinded in lieu of a bilateral defense treaty. I present,



The Treaty of Ottawa

This Mutual Defense Pact is signed in good faith between Nueva Vida and Nordreich as a symbol of their friendship and mutual respect.


Neither signatory of this pact may conduct any operations which may harm the opposite signatory. This includes open military warfare, spying, and political undermining.

Mutual defense

Should either signatory come under unprovoked attack, the opposite signatory will offer any aid requested from the former. This includes financial, political, and military support.


Should either signatory find themselves under attack due to an aggressive war which they launched, or due to the activation of another treaty with a third party, the opposite signatory of this treaty is no longer obligated to provide aid, but may still do so if they choose.


This treaty may be unilaterally cancelled following 72 hours' private notice, or nullified immediately upon agreement by both signatories.

Signed for Nueva Vida;

Nelchael, Emperor

Hizzy, Lord of Brotherhood

Space Ghost, Lord of the Interior

Shillelagh, Lord of the Exchequer

Signed for Nordreich;

D686B255B7E6870435E2956B95A9D121.png of Ottawa Empire, Kaiser of Nordreich, Champion of Chastity, Red Senator Emeritus, Rebuker of the EZI List, Seeker of Additional Titles

John C. Calhoun of Eleuthera, Triumvir

Medraut of Nordland, Triumvir

Oberherr Xenu of Niflhel, Triumvir

Samuel Houston of Lone Star, Minister of Foreign Affairs

edit: as always, I welcome any questions you may have regarding Nueva Vida's affairs, or our relationship with Nordreich, although questions directly about Nordreich will have to be fielded by the proper folks :)

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Signing treaties the day I updated the web with NV = fail :P


Hizzy sucks.

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Signing treaties the day I updated the web = fail :P

actually this was signed a few days ago. But then I thought to wait till you did, just to annoy you.

Eventually all these nuisances will add up to the infra your nukes destroyed, and then we'll call it even :P

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ahh very good NV :)

and congrats to Nor for reaching 2 mil i hope to see you in the sanction race very soon :P

well still a couple hundred Ks shy, but flying ;)

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/me shakes his fist at Hizzy

Well actually, it's fine, just means this won't make it on until next week :P

and that's when I strike again! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

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NoR-NV back together again. This is awesome!

Hail Nordreich!

Hail Nueva Vida!

welcome back to the game mate.....been a while....

and yea...an obligatory....Hizzy Sucks

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