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Security, Information Sharing, Trade, and Economic Relief (SISTER) Treaty:

The undersigned alliances hereby proclaim that they have found each other to be like-minded (or at least compatible) in terms of philosophical and political beliefs. As such, it is hereby decided to formalize friendly relations between these two groups, and to further the fortunes of both by sharing resources and knowledge.


Neither signatory is bound legally, but should either request aid, either military or financial, the other must consider the request, and it should not come as a surprise to the world community should either signatory agree to aid the other in any way. Should the decision be made not to offer aid, then courteous discussion on the situation should take place between both signatory alliances.

Information Sharing

As the old adage suggests, "knowledge is power" - and advanced warning of future events/actions can give an edge to those who possess them. As such, the undersigned alliances agree to pass on information that can be considered useful to the other alliance. Such information will be shared in the embassies of each alliance, though individual nations may also have access to the "public" areas of both alliances. While each alliance should only pass on information they know to be true (or include a disclaimer in cases where such information is in doubt), neither alliance is obligated to present any and every scrap of information by force, and there is no penalty for withholding information, either inadvertently or deliberately.

Trading of ideas and Economic Relief

To encourage and further communications, understanding and cooperation of cultures among both our alliance's member nations. There should exist a stable conduit for the free flow of ideas and cultural exchanges through both our public IRC channels and regulated access by member nations to one another's forum public areas and specific O.M.F.G. & FCC alliance's embassies.

It is understood that some nations will occasionally need financial aid, the undersigned agree to allow nations from one alliance to request aid from the other. No nation is required to provide said aid, and if aid IS offered, it is up to the individuals involved to decide if said aid is intended as a gift, or as a loan. As such, it is hoped that willing financial support from both alliances will further the bonds of friendship and goodwill between the two groups, in ways that compelled aid cannot.


In opening lines of communication between the undersigned alliances, but not compelling mandatory action on the part of either side, it is hoped that friendship and loyalty will blossom. In such a way, bonds may be formed that are far stronger than a simple pact or treaties, which are all too often not worth the paper they're not even printed on. However, there may come a time when this treaty is no longer seen as a desirable thing, and to maintain it past that point would do far greater damage than any benefit derived thereof. As such, should a time come when either alliance wishes to dissolve this treaty, they need only announce such in the embassy of the other alliance to do so with no ill-will. This would not necessarily be the prelude to hostilities, but merely indicative of the two alliances entering a new phase in their relationship (which may still be quite friendly, or simply neutral).

Signed for the FCC:

Methrage, King

Bradicus, Director of Foreign Affairs

Lovealot, Director of Development

HeroicDisaster, Director of War

Deligo, Director of Technology

MaineGOP, Director of Expansion

Cujothekitten, Director of Interior


Signed for the OMFG:

Kill Joy, Chieftain

KageTheSecond, Vanguard Tribune

ClockworkOrange, Pathfinder Tribune

Jedaye DaGeordie, Tribal Edler

Skull, Tribal Elder


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