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TAC is Back!

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Hello, we are (I am[?]) TAC, the Tactical Alliance Command. I'm sure you've never heard of us. However, we have good people, and we offer a very large aid program to younger nations. Even though you may see TOOL and some of the other big alliances offering more startup aid, we can offer you continuous aid boosts of $100,000 every 10 days. We have 3 bank nations(out of 8) who will be assigned to send aid to you. We also are a protectorate of The White Delegation, so we aren't a high risk alliance.

We're in the process of unifying and building up strength for what appears to be a dangerous political climate.

Our website is at http://www.z11.invisionfree.com/CNTAC (We LOVE diplomats :blush: )

Charter of the Tactical Alliance Command

Article 1 Preamble

We, the undersigned sovereign nations of planet Bob, join in the formation of the Tactical Alliance Command (TAC) to create an atmosphere growth and prosperity. By signing this document we agree to comply with the articles completely and without question until such a time that we remove our names from said document.

Article 2 Membership

Sub-point a. applicants

Membership shall be granted to all nations who provide the following information:

1) nation name

2) ruler

3) nation link

4) nation strength

5) past alliances

6) any foreign aid within the last 10 days.

In addition to those requirements a nation must agree to sign and be bound by the charter of TAC until such a time as they resign.

Sub-point b. General Membership

The general membership of TAC shall be made up of all member nations that do not hold a government position.

Sub-point c. Government

The government of TAC shall compose of 3 triumvirate members and, membership permitting, 5 high council members. High council members shall hold terms of 60 days with no maximum number of terms they can hold. The high council shall be voted on every 60 days. Furthermore the high council of TAC shall appoint worthy members into one of the following ministerial positions:

1) foreign affairs

2) internal affairs

3) finance

4) defense

Article 3 War

Sub-point a. nuclear first strike

TAC maintains a policy of non-nuclear aggression, but will not hesitate to retaliate against nuclear rogues.

Sub-point b. Tech Raiding

TAC trealizes that tech-raiding is a part of he game; as such we allow tech raiding on inactive unaligned nations with the authorization of the Minister of defense. Any deviation from this policy will result in swift punishment ranging from paying reps to expulsion and ZI.

Article 4 elections

Sub-point a. electable positions

The high council seats are the only positions up for election.

Sub-point b. other electable goodies

Amendments to the charter may be proposed and voted upon during the election period.

Sub-point c. procedure

Elections shall last 5 days from update on the 10th of every month to the 15th of every month. At the end up the voting period votes will be tabulated by the minister of the interior who will then announce the winners. A recount can be implements if fraud is suspected; there is sufficient evidence, and sufficient general membership support of said recount. In the event of a recount, the elections will take 5 more days update to update. Only one recount per election cycle will be allowed.

Article 5 expulsion from alliance

Expulsion of any member from the alliance must be voted on by the high council and receive a 3/5ths majority in order to take effect. Once voted upon the council must decide on an expulsion length (i.e. 1 month, 2 months, forever.) This decision can not be overturned except by a full triumvirate pardon

Article 6 Amendments

We realize that it’s impossible to get everything right the first time around and so amendments may be made to this charter for the betterment of TAC. In order for an amendment to be considered on the election ballot it must have 1 sponsor within the high council and 4 sponsors within the general membership. If it receives the required amount of sponsors it will be put up for vote during the 5 day election period. In order to pass an amendment must receive 70% of the votes

Article 7 Signatories

Imperator Berglind V of Chosons with Nukes

TyHammer125 of Al Trajador

Dyspeptic of skrelings

Edited by Imperator Berglind V
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