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A Montrous Evolution

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Just over one year ago a small storm started to grow. Like many storms it had its ups and downs. Recently, the storm started growing bigger and stronger. It had a more stable eye and was forever changing the world. In the last few months, two crazy storm chasers, Terra Prime and New Purple Power, decided that they would attempt to find the source of its power and combine with it to form a magnificent being. Terra Prime, however, was lost during its journey into the storm. Fortunately, there was a large group of survivors who joined the natives of the storm. New Purple Power lost many hands, but eventually managed to make it into the center of the storm. When they got there, they met Tempest, the natives of the storm, and the survivors of Terra Prime. Tempest had quickly accepted the survivors of Terra Prime and were ready for New Purple Power to join them. Together they fused their knowledge and epicness to form what no man had been able to do before...

*Meanwhile on the ocean...*

A fisherman from the great alliance Valhalla was out in his boat. He was doing his usual fishing so he could pay his bills and support his family. The fisherman knew and respected the great storm that forever stood out in the ocean for the past year. As a Viking he knew to respect mother nature. Everything seemed to normal to the fisherman. He was catching his fish and the storm was dissipating as usual. "Wait", stumbled the fisherman. The storm had never dissipated like he was seeing today. The storm was literally breaking. The fisherman began to stare at the storm. He had heard of the legends of Terra Prime and New Purple Power attempting to find the power inside the storm. Had they succeeded after all this time? As the fisherman stared at the storm something big and dark began to move behind the clouds. The Valhallan fisher couldn't believe his eyes. He had only heard of what he was seeing in the legends of times past. The fisherman continued to stare in disbelief as the beast moved towards him and the greater Purple Region. The fisherman managed to gasp, "Hydra" before passing out.

*All along the luscious coast of Purple, the citizens of many nations witnessed the most impressive scene ever. A photographer managed to take a picture: *


Tempest, the survivors of Terra Prime, and New Purple Power had managed to combine themselves to form a Hydra, an ancient beast of untold power. The world stood in awe and began to cheer....

*As the noise fades away and the scene changes, Ligolski approaches the press box. He is in his best suit and looks devilishly handsome for the occasion. He had been preparing for this moment for some time. The biggest names in the cyberverse were here today and he was ready to do his best. Behind him comes a familiar group of people. They are the new government of the alliance about to be announced to the world. The news reporters and leaders would learn who they were during the press conference. *

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Cyberverse,

I am pleased to present to you today a colossal undertaking. For the past few months the team you see behind me and many others behind the scenes have worked hard to establish a new alliance. It is a merger between Tempest, survivors of Terra Prime, and New Purple Power. We have come together out of duty, honor, family, and brotherhood to form a new alliance: Hydra. In the doors behind me you can find our charter and our first treaty. The treaty should be of no surprise. I welcome you to step through the doors behind me now to learn more.

*The reporters follow Ligolski through the doors labeled: http://cn-hydra.net/ *

I present to you our Charter and our Flag:


Preamble: The Cyberverse is a writhing miasma of politics and danger. In order to better navigate this unrelenting medium, we hereby establish this Charter, thus creating our vessel of safety and security, Hydra.

Article I: Application for Membership:

Section 1.01 Nations Applying for membership of Hydra shall NOT

* A. Be in a state of war.

* B. Be a member of another alliance. (Dual membership is forbidden)

* C. Be in peace mode.

* D. Be on another alliance's Eternal ZI, Perma ZI or ZI list.

Section 1.02 Nations Applying for membership into Hydra MUST

* A. Change their in-game AA to Hydra Applicant.

* B. Register on Hydra's FORUM.

* C. Post an application as per instructions.

Article II: Membership:

Section 2.01 All applicants will be masked as *Applicant* until they complete the academy. An *Applicant* will receive full membership once they have completed the following requirements,

* A. A small Q & A test.

* B. Complete a military check-in every 15 days until all other requirements are met.

* C. Successfully complete 2 2x2 tech deals.

* D. Register a nickname on IRC and be seen a minimum of 1 time by a government member.

* E. Special exceptions may be granted if the Director of Education sees fit.

Section 2.01i Once the requirements are completed an *Applicant* will be recommended by The Director of Education to have their status upgraded to *Centurion*.

* A. The Triumvirate will determine from the Director of Education's recommendation whether an individual has properly met the requirements. If so, the Triumvirate will bestow the mask of Centurion upon the individual in question.

Section 2.02 All nations within Hydra will be encouraged to vote for the approved purple senator.

Section 2.03 Members of Hydra are expected to be courteous and polite at all times, both to fellow alliance members and foreigners, both in private, and public channels.

Section 2.04 Any nation wishing to leave Hydra can do so providing,

* A. Hydra is at peace.

* B. A post is made in the requested resignation thread on the forums.

* C. It removes Hydra from their in-game AA.

* D. It repays any outstanding debt.

Section 2.05 A nation leaving in a state of war will be branded a deserter/traitor and sentenced to ZI.

Section 2.06 Any member of Hydra may be expelled at any time for breaching any of this directive with a majority vote by The Triumvirate.

Section 2.07 Founding members are automatically considered Centurions.

Article III: Government:

Section 3.01 The Triumvirate

The Triumvirate is the governing body of Hydra and has the power and authority to speak on behalf of Hydra.

* A. The Triumvirate will be made up of three members of Hydra.

* B. The Triumvirate will appoint all Ministers and Directors with a 2/3 vote.

* C. The Triumvirate cannot be removed from leadership unless found guilty of treason, abuse of power or inactivity exceeding 7 days without prior notice.

* D. The removal of a Triumvirate may only be exacted by a 9/12 vote from the remaining government (including the Senate).

* E. In the unfortunate event that a Triumvirate has to step down, The Triumvirate will appoint his/her successor from the current government or a senior member within Hydra.

* F. For a treaty to be signed or for war to be declared a 2/3 vote from The Triumvirate must be obtained.

Section 3.02 The Minister of War

The Minister of War will be appointed by The Triumvirate and shall oversee all affairs pertaining to the military of Hydra and its affairs.

3.02i The Minister of War is responsible for:

* A. Military policy and communication.

* B. Troop readiness and deployment.

* C. Raiding compliance.

* D. Protectorates

Section 3.03 The Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Minister of Foreign Affairs will be appointed by The Triumvirate and shall oversee all affairs pertaining to foreign affairs of Hydra.

3.03i The Minister of Foreign affairs is responsible for:

* A. Foreign embassies on Hydra's forums.

* B. Weekly reports for Ambassadors and Ambassador Coordination.

* C. Presenting potential treaties to be considered for signing.

Section 3.04 The Minister of Internal Affairs

The Minister of Internal Affairs will be appointed by The Triumvirate and shall oversee all affairs pertaining to the internal operation of Hydra.

3.04i The Minister of Internal Affairs is responsible for:

* A. Background checks and acceptance of new members.

* B. Alliance guides.

* C. Member badges and masking.

* D. Coordinating intra-alliance messages.

Section 3.05 The Director of Finance

The Director of Finance will be appointed by The Triumvirate and shall oversee all affairs pertaining to the finances of Hydra.

3.05i The Director of Finance is responsible for:

* A. Coordination of reparations incoming and outgoing.

* B. Banking nations.

* C. Growth/War aid allocation and distribution.

* D. Tech deals and other financial programs.

Section 3.06 The Director of Recruitment

The Director of Recruitment will be appointed by The Triumvirate and shall oversee all affairs pertaining to recruitment for Hydra.

3.06i The Director of Recruitment is responsible for:

* A. Recruitment messages.

* B. Lists of nations eligible for recruitment.

Section 3.07 The Director of Trade

The Director of Trade will be appointed by The Triumvirate and shall oversee all affairs pertaining to trade within Hydra.

3.07i The Director of Trade is responsible for:

* A. Helping nations find trades and setup trade circles.

* B. Working in conjunction with the Director of Recruitment & Education regarding applicants' trades.

Section 3.08 The Director of Education

The Director of Education will be appointed by The Triumvirate and shall oversee all affairs pertaining to education within Hydra.

3.08i The Director of Education is responsible for:

* A. Overseeing all members participation through the academy.

* B. Instructing new members on how tech deals/trade circles work.

* C. Instructing new members on the use and importance of IRC.

* D. Recommends that an *Applicant* becomes a *Centurion* after all application requirements are met.

Section 3.09 Deputies

All Ministers and Directors may have deputies to help them do their appointed tasks. These Deputies are appointed by the respective Minister/Director and must be approved by a majority vote in the Centurion Senate.

Article IV: Centurion Senate:

Section 4.01 The Centurion Senate will be an elected body of 1 Senate member per 100 members of Hydra (minimum of 3 Senators) for a period of 3 months.

Section 4.02 The Centurion Senate will approve all,

* A. Appointments of Ministers, Directors, and Deputies with a majority vote.

* B. Amendments to this charter made by the Triumvirate with a unanimous vote.

Section 4.03 Removal of Ministers/Directors/Deputies from office

The Centurion Senate may remove a Minister/Director/Deputy with a majority vote providing the Senate has a valid reason for said impeachment (e.g. inactivity, treason, unjust acts) and evidence backing such a claim.

If said impeachment has a valid reason and evidence to support, the Minister/Director will be removed from their position and another appointed with a 2/3 vote from The Triumvirate.

Section 4.04 Amending this Charter

The Centurion Senate may forward Changes to the Triumvirate to amend this charter provided said Amendment has a majority vote from The Centurion Senate.

The Amendment can only be passed with a 2/3 vote from The Triumvirate.

Section 4.07 A member of the Centurion Senate may be removed from office if found guilty of treason/abuse of powers or inactivity exceeding 7 days without prior notice, by a 8/10 vote of all government.

Article V: Senate Elections:

Section 5.01 Senate Elections shall take place every 3 months, with the following schedule:

* A. 2 days open for nominations.

* B. 3 days for campaigning.

* C. 2 days for voting.

Section 5.02 The 7 day election period shall take place at the end of the current Senates term allowing the newly elected senators to take office immediately after the voting closes and the tallies are confirmed.

Section 5.03 Centurions may cast one vote. The appropriate amount of candidates according to Section 4.01 gaining the highest amount of votes are elected.

Section 5.04 In the event of a tie, a second election for said office will be held after the original voting closes, if the second election results in a tie then The Triumvirate and Ministers shall vote on who shall be elected by a 4/6 majority.

Article VI: War and Raiding:


Section 6.01 An attack on any nation of Hydra will be classed as an attack on the entire alliance and will be treated as such, including attacks on inactive nations.

Section 6.02 Hydra will defend her nations with every resource available.

Section 6.03 Hydra will honor all treaties unless said treaties conflict. In such an instance, Hydra will remain neutral and offer diplomatic support if asked.

Section 6.04 With regards to nuclear weapons, Hydra believes in the use of nuclear weapons for defensive purposes and does not believe in a nuclear first-strike policy, with the following exceptions:

* A. A nation goes rogue on our members.

* B. A nation refuses to pay damages, as decided by the Minister of Defense, after raiding one of our nations.

* C. A direct order from The Triumvirate (with a 2/3 vote).


Section 6.05 Raiding will be NOT be tolerated, The practice of raiding is FORBIDDEN in Hydra.

Article VII: Miscellaneous:

Section 7.01 In the Event of a coup/hostile takeover this charter and Hydra as a whole will become void and defunct.


Ligolski - Triumvirate

Hulk - Triumvirate

Anubis - Triumvirate

Jacapo Saladin - Minister of War

DarkEra - Minister of Foreign Affairs

TsukasaTheRed - Minister of Internal Affairs

Machesterunitedgod - Director of Finance

Lord Bludd - Director of Recruitment

Panther - Director of Trade

Fen - Director of Education

Over here in this corner you can find a neat little portal to a separate news conference being held in BAPS: LINK

I thank you all for coming here tonight. In the lounge to left you can find light refreshments. I look forward to talking to you all. You can also find our first government in the lounge minus the to be elected Senators.

First Government of Hydra:





Minister of Internal Affairs: TsukasaTheRed

Minister of Foreign Affairs: DarkEra

Minister of Defense: Jacapo Saladin

Director of Recruitment: Lord Bludd

Director of Education: Fen

Director of Finance: Machesterunitedgod

Director of Trade: Panther

Our esteemed MoIA, TsukasaTheRed, has also made this goodbye video for Tempest: VIDEO LINK!!!

Please enjoy the video.

That is all I have for tonight. Thank you and good night.

*Ligolski walks to nearest of the guests and begins some small talk as the noise in the room begins to grow louder with excitement from the press conference.*

EDIT: PS: Sorry i misspelled monstrous...

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I want to congratulate our purple brethren on this merger.

A few weeks ago, I went back and looked at the Holy Order forums and re-read the topics where we fought over what we should name the alliance when we decided to “re-brand”. Tempest finally won in a hard fought battle replete with many references to tempests in teapots. I’d like to after all this time, thank Ligs for the great name and for fighting for it so vigorously. It’s a good name and served our membership well. Tonight, it is relegated to the history books, but it will always have a special place in the thoughts of all of her former members and friends.

Here’s to Hydra being the next step in the evolution of an alliance that had provided a home for me and many others. Just as the transition from Holy Order to Tempest was an enormous success, I sincerely hope the progress will continue and our friends will reach ever new heights.

So, for a final time Hail Tempest! and hail the other alliances coming together.

And for the first time Hail Hydra!

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Tempest was great for my first alliance, it was really fun. Now to have been part of bringing a new alliance that has my old alliance in it, is truly fun and exciting. I hope we will do well in Hydra, and I hope everyone will like the new look for 3 alliances into one.

O/ Tempest




o/All My Comrades

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It was 224 days ago that the nation of Barnzee was created. It has also been 224 days since Barnzee first flew the Tempest banner. Although it began as a blue nation, I was quickly shown the love and camaraderie that is ever-present in the purple sphere. Thus, Barnzee made the move to Purple.

I am saddened to see the Tempest dissipating. It is the only alliance I have known, but the friends I made in Tempest will be friends for the duration of my stay in the cyberverse. I learned a lot about the game and its mechanics during my stay with Tempest. I have shouldered the burdens of being a member of government, and gladly so.

Tempest was the creation of the friends I've made and something that I was born into. Hydra is the creation of even more of my friends and something that I am proud to say that I have contributed to. I have high hopes for this new home of mine. The creation of Hydra would not have been possible if it weren't for the support of our allies and the heaps of effort put forth by Tempest, Terra Prime and New Purple Power leadership, so I sincerely would like to thank all who have contributed.

Long live the mighty Hydra, her devout followers and the friendship that she inspires!

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Congrats on the merge guys B)

I've known of Tempest since day one of my existence on CN (In fact I believe one of you tried to steal me for yourselves :P ) and I am very sad to see Tempest's name consigned to the history books, they have been great friends. I never really got to know anyone from TP and NPP but hope to get to know you in the next few days. weeks and months :)

But it I am also very glad to see this merge go ahead and wish you all the best for the coming months! :D

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When Terra Prime began its untimely descent into oblivion I was depressed, even the big war did not provide enough distraction from the looming chaos that TP was headed towards.

With quite a lot of behind the scenes work by Ligolski, Dera, Septer, Jacapo Saladin, Hulk, Manchesterunitedgod, FrozenFlame and many many more people in Tempest and Terra Prime I began to have hope that while Terra Prime would not continue her ideals would be carried forward in this new alliance.

So I am reinvigorated and giddy with all that Hydra will bring to the Planet, the Purple sphere and Pegasus in the coming weeks and months.

Many thanks to the hard working and hard playing crew at Tempest that have ensured that Terra Prime's dream lives on in Hydra.

[insert "wall of hails" here]

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