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Independent Republic of Orange Nations ( IRON )

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Karkanister either you are suffering from some mental disorder or you really is the dumbest person on this planet. On every occasion plenty of suggestions and help was provided, you ignored all of that then asked for it again and again many members tried to help you out even after multiple requests of help from you on the same issue no one refused to assist you and we kept trying to make things right for you but you simply ignored all the suggestions and now here you are claiming nothing was done.

You wanted to get in a trade circle I provided you one but you are living in your own dreamworld and dont care to listen to anyone else, when you woke up you again started whining about trades again I put you in a TC but again u ignored and here you are calling everyone on this planet nuts. There are plenty of conversations and topics on our forums where help was offered to you so stop giving others this bull&$%@#.

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[quote name='autosave36' timestamp='1340250499' post='2991141']
Maybe you shouldnt be on your ally's recruitment page talking smack.

Information regarding that was located on page 2,771 Section 3, Subsection 2, Paragraph 2, Point of interest 93 of our easily understandable newbz guide.

Gentle Sirs, if you will excuse me Im going back to count my rice; long grain first, followed by basmati rice and then pudding rice.

Good day :v:

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