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Drakorian Factbook

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Full Name: Kingdom of Drakoria

Short Name: Drakoria

Capital: Tbilisi

Map: newannex.jpg

Government Type: Absolute Monarchy

Founders (Republic of Drakoria)

Jason Robert Drake

Henry John Fredericks

Leonard William Grant

Alexander Hanson

Conrad Hanns

Ronald Troy Thompson

Sean Harisson

Founders (Kingdom of Drakoria)

James Drake

Current National Government

King: James Drake

Current State Governors

Azerbaijan: Benjamin Clay

Armenia: George Rodriguez

Georgia: William Venice

Chechnya: John York

North Ossetia: Elijah Calhoun

Dagestan: Thomas Regal

Ingushetia: Jeffrey Utrecht

Karachay-Cherkessia: Elizabeth Johnson

Kabardino-Balkaria: Steven Robertson

Krasnodar Kray: Wallace Williams

Stravropol Kray: Sarah Fairbank

Kalmykia: Emma Stewart

Population: 31,607,000 (estimate)

Official Languages: English, Azerbaijani

Official Religion: None

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Political Parties of Drakoria

Libertarian Conservative Party

The Libertarian Party is the first political party to be created. The leader of the party is President Jason R. Drake. The Libertarians support a strictly limited national government and free trade. They are, for the most part, non-interventionists. They feel that Drakoria should not be involved in a war due to a scrap of paper. They prefer to base intervention on the validity of the cassus belli, their relations, and other factors. They oppose aggressive wars unless Drakoria is threatened. They seek strong national defense. Libertarian Conservatives want maximum personal freedom for citizens, and oppose national government interference. They believe the states should handle their local issues without the national government hanging over them. On immigration, they feel that immigrants need to file for rights to migrate, and support immediate deportation of illegal aliens. The temporary Drakorian Senate is 84% Libertarian Conservative.

Notable Libertarian Conservatives: President Jason R. Drake, Vice President Henry J. Fredericks, Director of Defense Leonard W. Grant, Speaker of the Senate Ronald T. Thompson

Nationalist Party

The Nationalist Party was the second political party. They are led by Director of Legal Cases Conrad Hanns. In a nutshell, they believe everything that can make Drakoria stronger should be done. They favor extensive expansion, a strong military, and strict immigration laws. They are on the center of the right wing, and as such support a firm, but not powerful, national government. They oppose government control of the economy and invasions on personal freedom. The Drakorian Senate is 9% Nationalist.

Notable Nationalists: Director of Legal Cases Conrad Hanns

Socialist Party

The Drakorian Socialist Party is a traditional socialist party. They are led by Sean Harrison, a legislator in the Armenian State Government. They have minor support from the Senators, but not enough for impact. They favor moderate government control of the economy, trade restrictions, and a strong national government. They feel that the states, as a part of Drakoria, should be second to Drakoria. They oppose and fear the free market, and oppose strengthening local government. The Senate is 3% Socialist.

Notable Socialists: State Legislator Sean Harrison

Communist Party

The Communist Party of Drakoria is a small group of hardline Communists, led by a legislator in Georgia named George O'Connel. Their support at the national level is extremely low. The party supports full government control of the economy, a powerful national government, extreme tariffs on trade, minimal contact with foreign nations, and the spread of their ideology to neighboring lands. Their extreme ideals are too much for the Drakorian people, and as such, they are unpopular. No Communist is in the Senate at this time.

Notable Communists: George O'Connel

Centrist Party

The Centrist Party is one of the only organized centrist groups. They're led by Director of the State Alexander Hanson. They criticize the other parties for being extreme on the right or left. The Centrists tend to revolve around an equal state-national government split. The Centrist Party is somewhat ranged, with some favoring slight right or left wing views, or a mix of the two, and as such, the policy depends on the people running. Their lack of a definite stance makes them unpredictable, and as such, they lack a body of loyal voters.

Notable Centrists: Director of the State Alexander Hanson

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Military Organization

Total Strength: 377,780 soldiers, 1,539 tanks

The Drakorian Armed Forces are divided into several groups. The Drakorian Army, the Drakorian Marine Corps, Drakorian Air Force, and Drakorian Navy. There's also the Liberty Guard, charged with defending the government and areas of Drakorian patriotism. They are the elite of the elite, and are respected by all of Drakoria.

Liberty Guard: 7,640 soldiers

Drakorian Army

The Army is the main force of Drakoria. They are the largest part of the armed forces, and are charged with basic ground battles and warfare. Each Armored unit has 100 tanks to their regiment.

Total Size: 163,000


First Regiment of Georgia (10,000); Georgia; Armored

First Regiment of Armenia (10,000); Armenia; Armored

First Regiment of Azerbaijan (10,000); Azerbaijan

First Regiment of Dagestan (10,000); Dagestan; Armored

First Regiment of Ossetia (10,000); North Ossetia

First Regiment of Abkhazia (10,000); Abkhazia; Armored

First Regiment of Chechnya (10,000); Chechnya; Armored

First Regiment of Krasnodar (10,000); Krasnodar Kray; Armored

First Regiment of Kalmykia (10,000); Kalmykia

First Regiment of Stravropol (10,000); Stravropol Kray; Armored

First Regiment of Ingushetia (10,000); Ingushetia and Chechnya

First Regiment of Cherkessia (10,000); Karachay-Cherkessia

First Regiment of Balkaria(10,000); Kabardino-Balkaria; Armored

First Regiment of Manggyhstau (10,000); Manggyhstau

Second Regiment of Georgia (10,000); Stravropol Kray; Armored

Second Regiment of Armenia (10,000); Krasnodar Kray; Armored

Drakorian Army Reserve (9,780); Scattered

Drakorian Marine Corps

The Marine Corps is second only to the Liberty Guard in discipline, training, skill, and courage. They carry out a variety of tasks. They spearhead amphibious assaults and participate in ground combat. The Caucasus Guard is a special forces of the Marines, and are, in all ways, more elite than the Liberty Guard. Each Armored unit has 100 tanks.

Total Size: 90,000

Name; size; location; Armored?

First Brigade of Georgia; 10,000; Georgia; Armored

First Brigade of Armenia; 10,000; Armenia; Armored

First Brigade of Azerbaijan; 10,000; Azerbaijan; Armored

First Brigade of Dagestan; 10,000; Dagestan; Armored

First Brigade of Abkhazia; 10,000; Abkhazia

First Brigade of Ossetia: 10,000; North Ossetia; Armored

First Brigade of Chechnya; 10,000; Chechnya

Caucasus Guard; 20,000; Caucasus Mountains

Drakorian Air Force

The Air Force is the branch of the military established to take the war to the sky. Equipped with F-22 Raptors and Tupolev Tu-160s, they are charged with dog fights, bombing runs, transport, and other such tasks.

Total Personnel: 60,000

Fighter Squadrons: 45

Bomber Squadrons: 15

Drakorian Navy

The Navy is tasked with defending the Caspian and Black Sea coasts. They also provide naval transport for personnel across bodies of water.

Total Personnel: 51,000

Corvettes: 3

Battleships: 2

Cruisers: 2

Destroyers: 2

Locations: All on the Black Sea coast, docking in Batumi Port

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Drakorian Army/Marine Corps Equipment



Leopard 2 PSO Tank for Urban Combat


Leopard 2 A63 for Rural Combat






MT-LB Amphibious Personnel Carrier


Otokar Cobra, Armored Car


Wolf Armored Vehicle

Infantry Weaponry


G36 Assault Rifle, standard issue for the Corps and Army


P2000 Handgun, standard issue


XM75 Automatic Grenade Launcher


MG36, standard machine gun


SPG-9, recoilless anti-tank rifle



Giatsint-B Towed Artillery


122 mm howitzer 2A18 (D-30)


D-44 Artillery Piece


2S7 Pion Self-Propelled Artillery


2S3 Akatsiya


2S19 Msta

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