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The Greater Northern Empire

Nordreich is a militaristic nordic empire that is currently recruiting nations who wish to be a part of a strong alliance. We want nations who recognize the strength that loyalty and duty will give an alliance and who are willing to become a part of a brotherhood greater than themselves. We are a Meritocratic Monarchy; positions of power are earned through effort and responsibility is in the hands of those who deserve it most.

Nordreich is a black team alliance, but we accept non-black nations on a case by case basis. In any case, our economic officers work hard to organize trade circles so changing teams is not a hardship on you or your nation. Nordreich also runs an internal tech trading service so that you can sell and buy securely and with minimal risk to your investment.

Nordreich holds amiable relations with several leading powers within the game in the form of defense pacts and security arrangements. Nordreich holds a regular seat in the Black Team Senate and is an stable, integral member of the sphere as the fourth largest member statistically.


The full government of Nordreich and our charter may be found here.

Further information about our history, culture and foreign affairs may be found on our CNwiki page.

Forums: http://cybernations.nordreich.eu/index.php

IRC: #nordreich on Coldfront

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Awesome Propaganda pictures!

Side Note: Is this the same Nordreich that was on the news in Norway? There was an article about that incident in the Norwich Journal.

Yes, that was the Original Nordreich, this is the Reformed Nordreich http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Nordreich

There have been some changes to prevent such things from happening again, but yes the Alliance is the same.

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