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{DUAL} : Defenders of Unity And Light

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.:Defenders of Unity And Light:.



Defenders of Unity And Light, is a fast growing yet close knit 'brotherhood' in the maroon sphere. We aspire to achieve maroon unity and increase the trading sphere within the maroon team. DUAL provide a sanctuary for nations of all sizes, colors, races and colors, we are against racism and picking on nations.

DUAL hope to provide all of our members with an atmosphere to increase the players fun and quality of the game for them, we respect all members above all else. We do not tolerate disrespect!

If you are a nation looking for a fresh start in an awesome community of awesome people and friends, then DUAL is that alliance, we aspire to not dissapoint. We have a mixed variety of members of all sizes, strengths and weaknesses but together we are united - we are one!

Why join us???:

  1. We have awesome members.
    We protect all our members.
    We offer aid and guidance.
    We have awesome leaders.
    We have an awesome flag.
    We promise you will not be tech raided again.
    We offer you friendship and respect.
    We give our respect for earned honor.

DUAL Leadership:

The Istaris:

The Supreme Istari: Pikajew

The Grand Istari: Compstomper

The Istari Senate:

DAn123123, Jaketopia, Jutopia, Solomon,

Al Gore, therealsuperjosh



Of Arms: Commrade Losey

Of Economics: Ally2Good

Of Foreign Unity: That1dude22

Of Internal Unity: Master Chief



Of Arms: open

Of Economics: open

Of Foreign Unity: FW

Of Internal Unity: Cool3aTool

Our 'Code of Honor':

Charter of Defenders of Unity And Light



Defenders of Unity and Light, hereto forth titled DUAL, stands for the ideals of diplomacy, strength, and the bettering of members nations. The DUAL will protect the sovereignty of friends in times of crises, be they singular nations, or whole alliances. DUAL seeks only to better the nations of our members in an environment of security and prosperity in the maroon color sphere.


Article A: Admission to the DUAL

To obtain entry into the DUAL, a nation must first contact a DUAL member for a link to the DUAL forums. They must register, and fill out an application. The application will be used and approved by either the Supreme Councilor or one of the Councilors. While there are no specific requirements for joining (color, government type, etc.) being engaged in a war is frowned upon. While we can and will go to war for our comrades, the DUAL will not assist you in any offensive war without justification. The DUAL wishes to help its applicants grow their nation, and in this interest we offer a starter aid package for younger nations (2k or lower). The DUAL also offers an excellent loan program for older nations who wish to receive aid. The only requirements for these are that the nation must be a member of the DUAL for at least a week and be an active participate on our forums.

Article B: Government

Besides the Supreme and Grand Istaris. all government officials serve indefinitely, until their death, they resign, or they are impeached and are voted in by the people.

To prevent any position from being unfilled, the istari or alpha must at the time of his approval select a successor who is of the general membership to act as his Acting Replacement, until the people can appoint a new leader.

The only Exception Is the Supreme Istari, who’s job will be taken by the Grand Istari immediately.

Istari Council

The Supreme Istari: - Supreme ruler and has final say in all matters.

The Grand Istari: - One step below the Supreme Istari they have a great deal of power within the alliance. The Grand Istari serves as chief advisor to the Supreme Istari. He serves as acting Supreme Istari, in the event The Current Supreme Istari is incapacitated.

There will also be 6 Istaris whose sole purpose is to decide on all bills, treaties, impeachment trials, and war declarations. They are the only ones who have a say in those matters and it is majority rule. Istaris are voted in by the people through an election. Candidates are nominated by any alliance member and the six peopel with the most votes becomes an Istari for 1 month.


These are the Departmental Positions of the DUAL

Alpha of Economics ��“Oversees all Economic Programs. The MoE runs Trade offices, and Aid programs. Oversees all monetary matters within DUAL

Alpha of Arms - He is in charge of war, and the Defense of DUAL

Alpha of Foreign Unity - Oversees All Foreign Affairs, Treaties must have his approval. He Organizes the Diplomatic system, and Serves as a Key Advisor to the Istari of Grand of Supreme Istaris.

Alpha of Internal Unity - Oversees all internal workings of DUAL. Runs recruitment and Training of our member. Acts as prosecutor in all Internal Alliance Disputes. Serves As a Link between all other Alpheral Departments. Organizes all mass internal messages.

There are also Betas, who serve as the advisors to the Alphas. There are 4:

Beta of Economics

Beta of Arms

Beta of Foreign Unity

Beta of Internal Unity

Betas are appointed by the alphas and my be fired at any time.

Article C: Trials and Impeachment.


Impeachment Proceedings may only be started if All the Istaris are in unanimity, or 2/3 of the Alphas and 2/3 of the Istaris are in agreement.

The Supreme Istari may not Vote for, Or against any Impeachment.

In any Case, as any other Internal Dispute, the Alpha of Internal Unity acts as Prosecutor, and the Alpha of Internal Unity acts as Judge and Jury.

Article C: War

DUAL is a peaceful alliance. We will not attack unprovoked, without extensive information to back up our assault. We will, however, give full support to any nation attacked by a hostile foe. DUAL will go to war in defense of its enemies, or in a case of self interest.

Article C1: Nukes

DUAL has a No-First-Strike policy. We won’t launch first.

Article D: Expulsion

The Supreme Istari holds the power to remove any alliance member from the alliance at any time. If a nation is found committing an act of espionage against the DUAL not only will be removed, they will be ZI’d. An Alpha or Istari may be removed from office by the Court of Public Opinion, with a 75% total vote, which would be an immediate expulsion, completely avoiding the theatrics of the above-mentioned Impeachment

In conclusion:

DUAL is a peaceful alliance. We want nothing more than to survive and prosper on Planet Bob. We will defend our nations and our allies. We wish friendly relations with all who are interested, and encourage the use of embassies. Cooperation is the true form of Win.


The Supreme Istari: Pikajew

The Grand Istari: Compstomper


Join DUAL we offer you our friendship and guidance, till the end.




You can find us at:

Or at IRC Coldfront #DUAL

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"we are against racism and picking on nations."

And yet, your Supreme Istari is a tech raider?

"DUAL is a peaceful alliance. We will not attack unprovoked, without extensive information to back up our assault. We will, however, give full support to any nation attacked by a hostile foe. "

A peace clause in your own constitution! You are not peaceful. You have attacked entirely unprovoked. I am a nation attacked by a hostile foe, will you support me?

Either your constitution is fraudulent, or your Supreme Istari is leading you astray.

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