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From the Desk of kingzog


Shortly after the reformation of Nordreich, I approached the Lone Star Republic for a treaty. Several NoR members had previously belonged to LSR, including myself, and we hoped to solidify our friendship into an eternal pact of the kind so rarely seen (or honored) on Planet Bob.

Even without a treaty, our friendship was apparent. We bonded instantly. LSR's members were among the first to support Nordreich's reformation. LSR members were welcome in Nordreich's private channels and vice versa.

This is why I went to the Lone Star Republic with a treaty. We did not need a piece of paper to know that we were brothers, but I felt the rest of the world should know it as well.

A funny thing happened on the way to the treaty. Let's see if you can figure out what, exactly....

Effective Immediately:

  • All of the Lone Star Republic's treaties are hereby canceled. Reasons for cancellation were given in private.
  • Having consulted with our own protectors in Nueva Vida, Nordreich hereby extends protection to the "Lone Star Republic" AA for a period of seven days. Any attack on the LSR during this period will be seen as a direct attack on Nordreich and will incur a rapid response. I advise would-be raiders not to test this.
  • I, kingzog of Ottawa Empire, hereby resign as Triumvir and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nordreich. Medraut of Nordland shall be taking my place among the Triumvirs, while Samuel Houston of Lone Star is now Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • Two other former LSR members shall also assume control of Ministries within Nordreich. PuliSher of Kerjälä is now Minister of the Interior, while Jim Bowie of Arlington Empire becomes Minister of Recruiting.
  • The final government appointment is that of FinViking of Ganthem, who is now a member of the Imperial Council (Althing).
  • In the military sphere, SF_Austin of Republic of Brazos is now Commander of Nordreich's Armed Forces with the rank of ReichsGeneral, while Chiftelos of Zdubia and James IV of Repubilc of Texas are hereby promoted to Feldmarschall and granted Divisional commands.

These changes will necessitate the removal of people who have served in their positions for only a short time. I do not wish to rely on realpolitik -- the "we had to" defense -- with regard to this.

Nordreich is a meritocracy.

In each case where an incumbent is being moved, we are replacing great promise with greater experience. I cannot explain it any other way and still be completely honest with our membership. Furthermore, I believe that for us to ignore such an opportunity would be a grave mistake, especially at this early stage.

Those individuals who have been displaced as a result of this reorganization will be assigned to positions that will allow them to sharpen their skills and continue their rise through the ranks.

Now, with regard to our friends in the LSR....

Despite its relatively small size, the Lone Star Republic has proven its honor on countless occasions, both on and off the battlefield. To give a personal example, when I "reappeared" on the international scene a few short weeks ago, the Republic took me in despite my presence on a certain alliance's EZI list. I was honored to fight beside my brothers in the war against SSSW18, and I shall be honored to fight beside them in the future.

The flag of the Lone Star Republic shall forever fly above the Alamo, but today it is joined by that of Nordreich.

We are brothers. We are one.


Kaiser of Nordreich

P.S. Also, apparently I have been promoted.

Edited by kingzog
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Loving this.

LSR, best of luck to you in NoR. It was an honor protecting you, and an honor fighting alongside you. I hope to continue it in the future.

o/ NoR

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Texans would never side with Nazis! Blasphemy!

Oh boy, I can see this ending well. ;)

And to think you are one of the folks who brought me to ZI. :P

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Hail Kaiser Kingzog! May his reign prove prosperous!

It is a true honour to rejoin some of our former members, as well as embrace new members from LSR. Their experience, efficiency, and the great relationships they've built with the Dark Templar and others will certainly aid in our quest for re-establishment here in the Cyberverse. I have great expectations for the work we shall do together, and am thrilled to see it begin.

o/ Nordreich

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