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Whereas all participant alliances contained within have conducted themselves in a considerate, honourable, and respectable manner during this conflict. The Greenland Republic, The Dark Evolution, Christian Coalition of Countries, Carpe Diem, and Dark Fist hereby acknowledge the following terms of surrender for the Nusantara Elite Warriors.(To be known as NEW)

1. NEW will declare peace with all nations currently at war.

2. NEW will suspend all unilateral military obligations (MDP, MDoAP, MADPs) for the duration of the war.

3. NEW will not re-enter the conflict by any means, nor assist any alliance or nation currently at war with any alliance styled as "Karma."

4. For the duration of these terms, NEW will be under the protection of the signatories of this document, although it is understood that due to the current war, assistance may not be as punctual as desired.

The Greenland Republic

Archon: Drai

Vice-Archon: Shamedmonkey

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ilselu1

Minister of Defence: Virillus

Minister of Finance: Steodonn

Minister of Interior: Acid

Senate: Sande, Kestral, Al, Menwearpink135, Cripple

The Dark Evolution

Max Beck, The Hate, Emperor of The Dark Evolution, First Evolutionist Guard

Christian Coalition of Countries

Slave2Jesus, Chancellor

JellyDoughnut, Vice Chancellor

Ruler II, Minister of Foreign Affairs

buzzboygt, Minister of Defense

Mattheus, Minister of Internal Affairs

Carpe Diem

/s/ Carpe Diem Government

Dark Fist

Daikos, Diarch

Starcraftmazter, Diarch


cyrus0321, Triumvir

blackorchid, Triumvir

K1L1On1Mr4, Triumvir

Qhier, MoFA

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Top Posters In This Topic

I would like to thank NEW for being one of my favourite opponents on the battle field yet. You guys were respectful and prepared. It was a pleasure to face an alliance like yours and an even greater pleasure to arrive at peace.

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Great thanks to our allies DE, CCC and CD for coming to our aid in this conflict.

NEW has been the most impressive alliance on the Hegemony side this war. Happy to see this end fairly and amicably.

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