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The HCCP Emerges From Anarchy

comrade nikonov

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To all receiving this open broadcast:

I am Demitri Chuikov of the New United Soviet Republic.

The HCCP, which had closed off all communications and transmissions with the outside world ages ago, did so because of considerable internal turmoil. Chairman Mikhail Nikonov was nearly assassinated by a terrorist group named "The Black Hand". After he was rushed to the hospital, Black Hand operatives believed him to be dead and mobilized their resistance forces, which surprised the rearming units of the New United Soviet Armed Forces. The sporadic battles soon escalated into full civil war, with Black Hand forces overrunning most of eastern Novosoyuzskiy, including Port Sakha. Before Sakha was overrun, however, loyalist forces managed to scuttle the New Soviet Navy. Full civil war ensued for months on end, but the heroic forces of the New United Soviet managed to hold Novomoskvik and the New Siberian Islands from enemy attack. Soon after, reports of Black Hand brutality emerged from Port Sakha and other occupied areas, resulting in full civilian rebellion. With the aid of these insurgents, the New United Soviet Armed Forces defeated the Black Hand and have rebuilt the HCCP. We are now offering our hand in world affairs, and will rejoin the world community.

OOC: explains away my navy :D

OOC: back.

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