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Notice of Alliance Name Change

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Recently a couple of our members were attacked because they were mistaken for being members of an alliance called The Brigade, which was at the time engaged in a major war.

Fortunately, the attackers' alliance was reasonable about this and the situation was quickly smoothed over. But we need not risk any mistaken identity to cause further problems for us or The Brigade.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the alliance formerly known as The Light Brigade will now be called The Phalanx, which is also suitable to the nature of our small, elite military group.

During this phase, nations displaying The Light Brigade and The Phalanx should be considered members of the same group.

We ask that the community of alliance indulge us during this transition and allow for a reasonable amount of time for our membership to transition from one group to the other.

Our alliance forums will still have the same URL for now until we either track down the now retired Root Admin who created the forums or create an entirely new message board.

Edited by Col John S Mosby
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That reminds me of a guy we used to have whose ruler name was 'thechosenone' and he used to always be the victim of tech raids that we had to sort out because people were too lazy with their searches and wouldn't check the results. Obviously he got hit for results on 'none' in search all..

I like the new name better anyway :P

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Cool stuff.

((Might wanna fix the link in your sig then))

For now, the URL of our forums will remain as it is until we either get the Root Admin to change it or we find ourselves having to create a new message board from scratch.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words.

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Must suck to have to change your name because of it but best of luck in the switch.

Can't be as bad as the people who's nation names are "Mushroom Kingdom" while they're not actually IN The Mushroom Kingdom. I bet they love that.

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I apologize if I've offended you sir, but necessary or not, it's still true.

I mean, I liked our old name. I like the poem... noble sacrifice, bravery in the face of disaster, all that. But let's face it. Half of them were killed or wounded. The battle was a victory for the enemy. These are not pleasant connections.

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