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der Rote Baron

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This set up will provide you with a great boost economically and the construction and steel will help keep your infrastructure purchasing costs down.

Citizens: +8%

Infra Cost: -35.2%

Infra Upkeep: -24.3%

Happiness: +11

Income: +$13.5

Land Cost: -10%

Land Area: +38%

Tech Cost: -12.6%

Environment: +2

Soldier Cost: -$6

Soldier Efficiency: +42.6%

Soldier Upkeep: -$0.5

Aircraft Cost: -15.2%

Aircraft Upkeep: -25%

Aircraft Limit: +10

Tank Cost: -8%

Tank Upkeep: -17%

Navy Cost: -28.5%

Navy Upkeep: -25%

CM Cost: -20%

Nuke Cost: -20%

Nuke Upkeep: -70%

Triples the value of land when selling (from $100 to $300)

Increases number of citizens per mile before population unhappiness by 50

Removes 1 day of nuclear anarchy

Reduces global radiation effect on an individual nation -50%


ALUMINUM aluminum.gif - Mibalzahari

COAL coal.gif - capitalC

GOLD gold.gif - Der Rote Baron

IRON ironl.gif - Faust

LEAD lead.gif - Mibalzahari

LUMBER lumber.gifRandall Goodson

MARBLE marble.gifRandall Goodson

OIL oil.gif - capitalC

RUBBER rubber.gif - Bailiwick of Conti

URANIUM uranium.gif - Bailiwick of Conti

WATER water.gif - Der Rote Baron

WHEAT wheats.gif - Faust



ASPHALT asphalt.gif

STEEL steelw.gif

AUTOS automobile.gif

CONSTRUCTION construction.gif

MICROCHIPS microchip.gif

RADIATION CLEANUP radiationc.gif

SCHOLARS scholar.gif

BEER beerw.gif

Edited by der Rote Baron
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