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Our Snakes, Your Plane

James IV

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Oh yes, we are coming for your planes. "ALL YOUR SNAKES R BELONG TO US!"

I. Preamble

The Snakes exist to enjoy the game, and to establish a community, which seeks to add to the Cyber-Nations Tournament Edition experience. As such, we are an alliance that could care less about the "rules" and more about breaking them, and our prey. So in the spirit of cooperation and charity, high idealism, and plenty of venom..... Ladies and Gentlemen; Snakes on a Plane!

II. Membership

All one must technically do is switch their AA to "Snakes on a Plane". However, we do have a forum and an irc channel that you can come hang out in and chill with the other snakes. If you want to request assistance with wars and trades, you must register on the forums. We are a black team alliance, however, being on the black team is not mandatory.

III. Wars

There is a reason there is no peace mode in TE. We only ask that nations don't raid alliances with more than 5 members, and they reserve one offensive war slot for when the snakes board another alliances plane. So in other words..... "In the absence of orders, go find something and kill it" ~ Gen Rommel

IV. Government

The Mother#$%^ing Snake is in charge. (The head honcho) The Mother#$%^ing Snake may appoint and delegate powers to other snakes as he or she sees fit. Should the Mother#$%^ing Snake be out hunting, or is unable to fly the plane, the Viper shall have the con.

~THE Mother#$%^ing Snake James IV (Vince Offers) Captain of the boat, The Keeper of Real, The snake on your plane, The ghost who calls down the thunder

Contact Information:

Our Forums - http://z3.invisionfree.com/Snakes_On_A_Plane/index.php

Our IRC - #snakes @ coldfront

tl;dr We're on a plane, we do what we want, ghosts are welcome, don't fly with us, however if you do fly with us enjoy the flight fright.

Also, a video to enjoy.

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