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A Message Regarding Peace Mode


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Peace is a lie

There is only passion

Through passion I gain strength

Through strength I gain power

Through power I gain victory

Through victory my chains are broken

The Force shall set me free

It has come to myour attention that there are members of the Rebelling BrownRed Colony who are not embracing the passion that is within their souls.

This disturbs me deeply, for I have given all of the BrownRed Colony the chance to truly be free and be overrun with the passion within the souls of my storm troopers as well as within their own souls. I refuse to allow the members of the BrownRed Colony to miss the greatest event in their lives… the event that will set them free.

Today is the last day of April, and the Imperial Military Analysts have scribed the name of every GATONPO nation in peace mode. On May 3rdsome day soon, they shall check their list and any nation still in peace mode shall only know peace or death.

Their nations shall become a prison, cut off from the world of trade, relations, and life. No system shall harbor them under penalty of war. No aid shall be given under penalty of death. Long after the BrownRed Rebellion is put down, those that refused to fight will continue to struggle in this world.

Be it Ordered this 30th day of April, 2008

Emperor RevengeMagnus

New SithWorld Order

PS: This goes for IAAIRON too since they saw fit to try and keep all their top nations out of war.

Imperial Star Destroyers overtaking yet another BrownRed Colony Rebel ship in a feeble attempt to escape justice.

tl;dr: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=21476

Hypocritical much? This is not a topic pushing for the destruction of the NPO peace mode nations, just pointing out the obvious on the linked topic's 1 year anniversary.

PS: Like the NPO responses in that thread, especially Bakunin's.

Karma FTW!

Also quoted to avoid edits :awesome:

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