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Operation: Rukit Byurruw


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The Crimean ministry of defense has announced a project to better the nations self-defense. Officially Prujikt: Difinsi (Project: Defense), it will cost an estimated $900 million and feature expansions of the majority of military bases in Crimea Iso.


The official details of the program haven't been released. The actual name is Operation: Rukit Byurruw (Rocket Burrow) and will cost nearly $5 billion. The program consists of the system of silo bases which each feature 3 ICBM launch silos (ICBMs loaded with high yield, conventional warheads), 5 anti-air missile silos (AA missiles fired out of silo, up to 20 missiles per minute), 5 anti-ship silos (if located near the coast), fully integrated radar system (plus sonar if near coast), and, if needed, satellite uplink protocol.

All silos will be completely underground and only exposed when the silo doors open and the missile is ready to launch. The AA and AS missiles will have fully automatic loading systems. ICBM silos will have semi-automatic loading systems. Each silo has it's own damage control system should the missile fail to launch and explode within the launch pad.


Initial silo design.

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