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NOVA DoW and DoP


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I come to CN and Tempest with our sincerest apologies. I returned home ready to post NOVA's DoW (found below) on Tempest in support of our allies 'TSC'. At NO point was I informed that Tempest was to be receiving peace, discussions with TSC implied that they were in fact not conducting any peace talks AT ALL. We are calling for all attacks by NOVA against Tempest to peace immediately. Any further attacks by NOVA against Tempest shall be recompensed. Sorry for the delay.


Tl;dr: NOVA declares war and peace with Tempest.

-HM4A1, Imperator of NOVA

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Novus Ordo Virtus Artis

Over a year of friendship exists between The Shadow Confederacy and Novus Ordo Virtus Artis. At first as our protectorate and now mutual allies. We will be entering in their current battle to aid our friends in TSC and endeavor to a swift victory.

As per Article 5; Clause II of the NOVA & TSC MDoAP, Novus Ordo Virtus Artis declares war on Tempest.

Clause II - Should the other signatory conduct actions against an outside party due to a covert or overt threat, the other signatory is encouraged but not obligated to aid the other signatory within means and shall co-ordinate efforts with the other signatory.

Good luck and have fun.


HM4A1, Imperator

Demag, Vicegerent

Maquis Chris 1, Dux Chancellor

Hazardousdoc, Procurator Chancellor

Rantzau, Bellum Consul

The Warrior 78, Bellum Consul

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this happened rather quickly,obviously the situation had changed before our good friends in NOVA got wind of it.

our nations were attacking shortly after the agreement was made,it`s just not possible to relay information as quickly as an IRC meeting.

NOVA was only reacting to thier friends at war,just as we`d react to them in a conflict. ;)


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This is pretty pathetic, but at least you get to live.

I don't think you're getting the cut of our jib pirate , We actually launched our offensive at the same time as our allies RAYVN , and have stood down as the conflict is over and our troops are no longer needed . Nothing pathetic about it , just a really bad time zone difference .

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