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Lord Damien

Peace for NADC and Zenith

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An Official Announcement from the North Atlantic Defense Coalition.

The NADC entered this conflict in response to a request of assistance from our allies in Zenith. Outnumbered and outgunned, we fought to free Zenith from its conflict. We have achieved peace for Zenith and, as such, we are herby removing ourselves from this conflict. Defeat was inevitable from the start, so we knew the outcome that we faced Karma. Zenith/NADC hereby surrenders to ACF/RAD/Argent/Umbrella/ASO/PC/RoK/CSN/IS and the Karma Forces. We herby applaud our opponents for their valiant fight they put forth and hope that good relations can be achieved after the war is over. We herby declare neutrality for the duration of the conflict, both aid and military. Any member who left during the time of war will be free to go where they please once the conflict is over, as long as it is not an alliance that is at war with Karma. They may return to NADC and Zenith any time they wish.

Signed for NADC,

TankKiller, Secretary General

Da Supe, Military Operations Commander

Spaero2011, Deputy Military Commander

Lord Damien, Foreign Affairs Minister

Heroica, Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister

Freddie Mercury, Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister

Emperor of Babanga, Deputy Internal Affairs Minister

Signed for Zenith,

Executive Triumvir: Suvorov

External Triumvir: Duncan King

Internal Triumvir: Metictype

Regent: Ferrous

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Sulmar

Signed for RAD,

Mr. Bill, Emperor

Jason8, Right Hand Man

Caliph, Director of Hippie Luv

Krachenpie, Director of Economics

Comrade Josh, Director of Walmart

Nubhotness, Director of LOLUDED

Arya, Regent

TJ, Regent

Penkala, RHM War Advisor

Signed for ASO,

Mustakrakish II, Al Mualim of ASO

OrangeTrousers, Scholar of Defensive Action

SoCScott, Scholar of Finance

G0M3Z, Scholar of Internal Affairs

Signed for Karma,

LiquidMercury, Death Incarnate, Wrath of Karma

Archon, Karma Incarnate, Voice of Karma

Signed for Argent,

Janax, Dragon Regent

Rustynail – ViceRegent

EmperorOfCheese, EmperorWhiteOfMajikCheese

Poobah, Official Argent Hooker

Fuzz227, Council


Signed for Umbrella,

mrcalkin, Triumvir

Roquentin, Triumvir

Xavi, Triumvir

uaciaut, Field Marshal

Signed for Poison Clan,

Chinatownbus - The Toad

TwistedRebelDB47 - Master Killer

Pooksland - The Centipede

Syrik - The Snake

Signed for ACF,

Lonewolfe2015, Supreme High Councilman

Tehol, High Councilman

Gambona, High Councilman


Ragnarok Triumvirate,

Gen. Lee


Alfred von Tirpitz

Signed for CSN,

Goose, Head of State to The Commonwealth, Warmonger of GUARD, and Old Man with a Cane.

Signed for IS,

Kind Xander


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Good luck in the future.

Time to rebuy some nukes.

Obligatory )): Poobah )):

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It was a great fight by all. I know I had tremendous fun and made some new friends along the battle trails. :D

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I like this peace agreement.

Glad to see we all could come to terms we could agree on.

And congrats on the NADC for remaining classy through this entire war :)

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This was a fun war. Good luck to NADC and Zenith in the future. Hopefully we'll meet at the gas station instead of the battlefield next time. :D

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Thanks for the help guys. o/

Y'all did what you could, it is much appreciated.

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goddammit I had no idea this was Zenith getting peace....<_<

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Damn, Duncan King didn't get ZI'd. She was so happily taunting the "X infra to ZI, come on Karma you can do better"

Congrats to my friends over in NADC.

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