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De Profundis II


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De Profundis II

It was a nice quiet day one September morning. As a first year student from University, I got home with a smile on my face, opened up my computer, and was immediately queried by Dutchy. What followed could have changed Cybernations forever. Now before I continue, I must raise the question as to, "Why do I support FAN?". Well, the answer is as simple as the question, and that is that we wanted to see FAN's military use put together with the consequences of immortality. Yes, immortality. The idea of having infinite money seems almost impossible, but Dutchy had found the secret to this, and shared it with me. How? Using a program called Tamper Data, we modified land sell values to be 20*(land_purchase_value). Furthermore, we also bought land at the cost of 6000, because it was (land_sell_price)*20. Yes, the sell and purchase prices were swapped using this neat program. Incredible, right? Dutchy personally rose to 10,000+ infrastructure and 2k+ tech in like 2-3 months, it was the most beautiful thing ever. I personally grew to 5.8k infras. and 1k tech in about 2 months as well. We furthered this discovery by sharing it with Boneroller, the third Triumvir at the time. Eventually we even shared it with one of Dutchy's IRL friends, thefed, which eventually went rogue and died anyway. The last guy we shared it with was solereavr, but he quit the game after the glitch was fixed.

How was the glitch fixed, you say? Well, CN had introduced a "CN Awards" section, where the top growth nations were displayed. Eventually, me, Dutchy, and Boneroller were in the 1, 2, 3 spots (idiotic, I know), and then we were caught by admin. Admin couldn't really prove that we were exploiting the game because he thinks his game is totally secure. He didn't actually catch Dutchy either, he just ended up closing me and Boneroller's accounts, where we couldn't log in. Boneroller eventually got deleted from inactivity because he couldn't talk his way out of it through personal PMs, but I did ;) .

Apparently admin managed to the fix the glitch, but before that we were definitely in talks with atrophis about this immortality thing, not that we actually mentioned "immortality", but we certainly told them we had a secret weapon. We wanted to hand it over to FAN so they can kill NPO, as Dutchy had some personal grievances with them apparently.

Anyways, if you don't believe me, that's fine and dandy, but here's some proof, even though most of you guys are brain dead anyway:

<Image removed for filter evasion>

<Image removed for filter evasion>

So yeah, there you have it, Dutchy is officially the person ever to claim Immortality in Cybernations. To this day, he continues to try new ways to find it. He almost went rogue on Ragnarok one time because he was getting bored of being "Mortal". Lol. :lol:

Now we move onto other members of IRAN which I feel should be put on the spotlight. Even though they "supported" me, I think this is the right thing to do. We begin with PixelLand. First off, this guy has been using proxy accounts to generate tech for him and transfer tech deal money/tech.



That link will take you to his aid screen. Check all the "unaligned" people that are dealing with him. All of them are in fact proxies, as you probably can tell.

Furthermore, here's a message I sent to him while rallying support:

:. Sent Message

To: phoenix007 From: Batallion Date: 4/28/2009 5:28:05 PM

Subject: Pixel

Message: I need your support on this issue Pixel. You know I kept your proxy thing secret, so I think you still owe me.

Out of fear that I'd leak it out, he replied:

:. Received Message

To: Batallion From: phoenix007 Date: 4/29/2009 1:43:32 AM

Subject: RE: Pixel

Message: Dont worry dude!

i'm with u :)

what should i do?

Now we move onto yet another person who has been screwing with this game! His name is thesaget, as one of the mods would probably know him by. Well, we'll use his current ban-evading name: fatsnowman, or follow this link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=305283

He was banned for having tons of multis, whereas he was appointed as the Minister of Recruitment for IRAN at the time, and apparently making tons of multis was a good idea in his opinion. He has managed to evade ban.



Now we turn our attention onto Federation of Buccaneers and Runz in particular. The reason why I declared war upon Mogar and initiated a Civil War was simply because Runz told me that it's the best thing to do. Upon realizing that he will not be supporting me, I will dump some evidence right here:


Lastly, I'd like to point out that a member of IRAN is a White Supremacist/Nazi. His name is HansUldrichRudelbums, http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=291689. His signature on the IRAN forums actually links you to a Hitler cookbook: http://translate.google.de/translate?u=htt...en&ie=UTF-8

Upon researching who exactly Hans Uldrich Rudelbums was, I found this wiki article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans-Ulrich_Rudel

Wow, unsurmountable evidence that this guy is a total White Supremacist/Nazi. What a freak.

With that said, I take my leave from this forums, and most likely this game. Farewell everyone, I'm just simply tired of everybody on here, no one here seems to have a fine grasp of logic like I do.

- Regards,


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