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CRAP Happens

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This was supposed to be posted right after RIA's DoW but some RL issues kept me from posting it. I apologize for the delay and inconvenience.

The Random Insanity Alliance have been a long time friend and ally of Coalition of Royal Allied Powers. CRAP fully supports RIA in their entering of this war. Thus, therefore, henceforth, moreover, CRAP is activating the Optional Aggression Clause of our MDoAP with RIA upon their request and declare war on Valhalla. We would like to make very clear that we will not go nuclear unless we are hit with a nuke first.

Article III:

An attack on one signatory shall be considered a direct attack upon the other and will warrant a proper military response. In the event that a signatory declares an offensive war, they may request assistance from the other provided they give notice at least 24 hours in advance. Military assistance is not required from the other signatory in this situation, but is highly encouraged.


Chuck Normis ~ Founder/Triumvir

Nathanius - Triumvir

Andy50 - Chancellor

Mahoney949 - Minister of War/Defense

Constapatedape - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Ccs255 - Minister of Finance

Raistandantilus - Minister of Internal Affairs

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I want to see a merger between you guys and the Christian Coalition of Countries. You could call it..

Holy CRAP.


|-o-| CRAP, happy hunting

Although that would be funny, it would ruin a curtain aspect of CCC...I won't tell you what. And I never heard that joke before >_>

Valhalla currently has 171 defensive slots open in war mode of a total of 333 defensive slots in war mode.

Thanks for doing the math for me.

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