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Joint Announcement from RIA Nexus The Fed and RDD


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After a hard and well fought war I am pleased to announce today that peace has been achieved. The alliances of Nexus, The Fed and the RIA have agreed to peace with the alliance of Rubber Ducky Division under the following terms.

1. RDD will remain neutral for the remainder of this conflict and will not aid any alliances engaged with Karma financially or military.

2. RDD agrees that it shall not seek military action against former members who have surrendered during this conflict.

RDD also wishes to issue a statement and an apology


The Ducks of Rubber Ducky Division have waged a honorable and difficult battle for our

beloved allies in Echelon. Our opponents in RIA and Nexus fought nobly and with skill.

We tip our hats to them. In agreement with our treaty holders, and those on the other

side, we have come to an agreement that will allow RDD to remain viable. It is now time

for RDD to bow out of this conflict. We accept these terms in an effort to keep RDD

together as a strong alliance of friends and healthy nations.





nysoldier - Minister of Internal Affairs

Kirjath-Jearim - Minister of Finance

Kail the Impaler - Director of Intelligence

The Rubber Ducky Division hereby offers a sincere apology to the alliances of The Nexus Agreement for participating in first strike nuclear attacks. Both RDD and Nexus entered this conflict stating that they would only nuke if nuked first and Nexus did not first strike. Our first strikes were a misunderstanding sue to the fact that our war with the RIA had been escalated to a full nuclear war. we apologize for the excess damage that this misunderstanding has caused.


The Duckies of RDD

RDD were great opponents and we wish them luck.

o/ RDD

o/ Nexus

o/ RIA

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