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Dispatch from Legion/Nemesis/LoSS/Ragnarok/Vanguard/etc


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A Karma? Dispatch

The Legion agrees to the following terms of surrender for the duration of the conflict known as the Karma War:

1) The Legion will be free to do continue doing what they have been doing, with the following exception. The Legion will be forbidden to re-enter the war under these terms. Re-entering the war will invalid this peace, and result in a re-declaration of war upon Legion. "War" includes foreign aid, declarations of war, and spy attempts. Legion may receive aid from any party not currently engaged against Karma.

2) The Legion will be under the protection of the undersigned alliances until this conflict has ended.

I would like to congratulate the Legion for a well fought war, it was a lot of fun to fight against such an honorable alliance. I can say without a doubt that this war has greatly increased my personal respect for Legion, and I wish them luck in their future endeavours. Hopefully we won't end up on opposite sides again.

/s/ for Legion,


Imperial, Imperator

Hubb, Proconsul

King William IV, Minister of Foreign Affairs

totem, Minister of Defense

Iron Wolf, Minister of Internal Affairs

The Arbiter, Minister of Economics

/s/ for Nemesis,


Bob, Hoo, 'Bum - Triumvirate

SirMichaelHarland - Minister of Foreign Affairs

meyer0095 - Minister of Economic Affairs

SpiderJerusalem - Minister of Defense

Mykep - Minister of Internal Affairs

/s/ for League of Small Superpowers,


Jaaku - Princeps of LOSS

Lord Slade - Consul

Drugsup - Consul

Co God Ben - Minister of Defense

Almighty square - minister of recruitment

Krunk the Great - Minister of internal affairs

Nikolaos - Senator

Nhoj - Senator

Shinbay - Consul Emeritus

/s/ for Ragnarok,


Ragnarok Triumvirate,

Gen. Lee

Alfred von Tirpitz


/s/ for Vanguard,


The Sovereign, Revanche

The Vizier, QTUN

The Consul, Stumpy

The Sword, Scorbolt

The Shield, Rafa Nadal

The Hammer, Thaliak

The Treasurer, Nutty Carrot Cakes

The Scholar, Fire Within

/s/ for Apocalypse,


Ghostlin, Wolf Emperor of Apocalypse

Pokeikon (Loki), Not So Pacifist Horseman of War

Yuurei, Horseman of Internal Affairs

Jewelangel, Rarely Angelic Horseman of Foreign Affairs

/s/ for Ascended Republic of Elite States,


Joe Stupid- President

Lord Kresden- Vice President

/s/ for Amazon Nation,


Randalla, of The HiElands: Queen

Amarynth, of Caspysia: Queen's Consort, Council

Larethiel, of Havalas, Council

Elbryan, of Nebuchadnezzar: Code Cracker

Xochi Marlaeu, of Ivrael: CLAMS!

/s/ for IngSoc,


New Reverie ~ Big Brother of IngSoc

/s/ for Big Top Order,


dwthegreat- RingMaster



R1 Fatal Instinct-Lion Tamer

Andrew2793- Tightrope Walker

Schuelke- Clown

Soli Deo Gloria

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o/ Legion

A successful war no matter what the post says. I'd say that holding your own and better against 10+ alliances is a war well fought.

Congratulations on a successful war to both parties.

Ave Legio!

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