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Joint Declaration from GDA, GOD, and CSN

Big Z

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First of all, CSN and GOD would like to say that GDA fought well and honorably. They were great opponents and they proved it on the battlefield. However, every conflict must draw to a conclusion. As such, the Global Democratic Alliance has agreed to the following terms of surrender:

GDA will surrender to GOD and CSN.

GDA will declare neutrality for the duration of the Karma War.

All nuclear weapons, naval units, airplanes and tanks will be decommissioned for one month.

All military improvements, including: Guerrilla Camps, Barracks, Shipyards, Naval Academies, Satellites, Missile Defense, Naval Construction Yards, and Drydocks will be decommissioned for one month.

3 Missile Defense and 3 Satellites can be maintained for nations with the SDI.

Any violations of this agreement by GDA nations will be reported to GDA by either CSN or GOD representatives who will see to their enforcement.

Any GDA nation failing to comply will have its membership in GDA terminated without delay.

Failure to comply with the terms in an official capacity will result in a reinstatement of hostilities.



For GDA:

sippyjuice, President

Thrash, Minister of Foreign Affairs

BacTalan, Minister of Economics

Suzyland, Minister of Recruitment

Old Boss, Minister of Defense

PopCap, Minister of Internal Affairs


For CSN:

Goose, Head of State to The Commonwealth, Warmonger of GUARD, and Old Man with a Cane

Allied_Threat, The Preacher of Goose, Swordmaster, Slayer of Infidels, and Doer of Your Mum.

The Captain Impavid, Sword of The Goose, High Priest of the WarFowl, Cybernetic Abomination From the Stars, Guardian of Pinata Culture, Generous Lover

SpacingOutMan, The Hand of Goose, Master of Beward, Detroyer of the Deined, Preacher Apprentice of Goose, Chronicler of Big Words

da5nake, The Shadow of Goose, Guru of Graphics, Builder of Pylons

Lord Brendan, King of the Bank, Bringer of Death, FUN Survivor and Warrior of the Hydra


For GOD:

Xiphosis, Dark Lord of Hogwarts

NoFish, Lord of War and Absence of Fish

Big_Z, Lord of Diplomacy and TOK715

Aloop, Lord of the Interior, Friendly Neighbourhood Predator.

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