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Brown Trade Circle

Lord Nash

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Title says it, I am trying to build a Brown only trade circle. Hopefully this trade circle will be permanent.

The resources are:

Aluminum | Cattle | Fish | Iron | Lumber | Marble | Pigs | Spices | Sugar | Water | Wheat | Uranium/Gems/Coal*/Lead**

Bonus Resources: Construction | Fastfood | Beer | Steel* | Scholar**

Uranium: Gives nuke capabilities, good for old nations, not really useful for new nations.

Gems: Increases the daily income by +$1.50 and increase population happiness by +2.5.

Coal: Unlock another bonus resource (Steel), which is good for the economy as it reduces infra cost by -2%.

Lead: Unlock another bonus resource (Scholar), which gives an extra +$3.00/citizen.

Trade Members:

1. Lord Nash [AA: NSO]

2. Reachwind [AA: NSO]

You can send a trade offer to me as soon as possible if you want to, since my trade slots are empty.

EDIT: I will buy a harbor as soon as possible. [DONE]

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