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Apply here for a refund of your SDI

Rob Holmes IIi

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If you, like me, have a faulty/broken SDI that doesn't block jack !#$@ in the way of nuclear weaponry. And if you, like me, are annoyed by your nuclear weapons never getting through thy enemies SDI, which is obviously not as broken as your own, then please apply for a refund from Mod/Mad Scientists who were obviously drunk when they constructed mine/the air here.


Robert Holmes

President of the Nation of Tennessee

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I see. You guys are the one's that RP about things not actually going on on Planet Bob. My bad...

It was in reference to all the wars going on... and the uselessnes of some SDI's compared to others.

More of an IC rant..

OOC: correct.

Also, understandable. I've experienced the frustration of an SDI that doesn't block nearly as often as my enemies' SDI's.

But this is still in the wrong forum.

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