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An Open Letter to te NPO

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Dear LOST,

Thank you for your fine letter. Although it arrived a little late it was a joy to read. I am happy to hear your family are fine and Katy passed her exams, and that cousin Jimmy is getting better.

To answer your question, we do like mushrooms thank you for asking and will see you at dinner.


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Dear =LOST=,

NSO still appreciates your graciousness in our Internal Affairs request the other day, and as a result of our fantastic business and mutual friendship with Mushroom Kingdom, do sincerely hope you blow some mother$%&@ers straight to hell.



They say alot about us, but friendly and charming are two words which are far underused.

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I think someone have been waiting for this. Have fun LOSS.

Dear neneko,

Although many people have been waiting for this, I'm at a LOSS because I'm fairly certain this is a =LOST= DoW.

Or did we merge and no one told me?

My condolences,



Anyway, o/ =LOST= and o/ CnG and all that procedural stuff.

As soon as I get out of nuclear anarchy, I'm going to relish going after some NPO. I love steak and mushrooms.



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