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The Yukon Confederacy


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Honor, Loyalty, Professionalism


The Yukon Confederacy is working to create our own niche in the cyberverse, a community based on responsibility,honor and loyalty. A community that you can help us form and work for.

Why the Yukon Confederacy?

Education: Built upon experience and diplomacy, our world class academy and advanced University Yukonia Courses will educate you in the workings of the cyberverse and inter-alliance politics, diplomacy, and war.

Aid: Help your nation thrive with growth aid. Let us give you a hand up and out of any mistake you may make in war or peace with reconstruction aid.

Tech Deals: Buy or sell tech through our tech rings with IRON. Grow your nation and your coffers!

Trade Rings: Set your nation up with trade rings to bring the optimum resources and bonus resources for growth.

Opportunities for Advancement: With growing government and diplomatic operations positions open up for well qualified members who are willing to work. Members hoping to obtain a government position or get an edge in the cyberverse can choose from several courses in University Yukonia.

Interested in joining the Alliance? Check out our forums at this link: http://s1.zetaboards.com/Yukon_Confederacy/index/

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