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Military Factbook of Slavic Kingdom of Novak

Voodoo Nova

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Military of SKN

Ground Forces and Defenses:



Technical Specifications

Type- Advanced Personal Weapon System

Caliber- 6.7x35mm CTA

Muzzle Velocity-

-SR: 2,725 FPS

Operation- Balanced long stroke gas piston, rotating bolt

Barrel Length-

-SR: 18 inches

Overall Length-

-SR: 32.5 inches


-SR: 4.7lbs unloaded/5.95lbs loaded

Feed- 50 round magazine

Effective Range-

-SR: 800 meters

Rate of Fire- 850 on fully automatic

Fire Modes- Semi Automatic;Automatic

SKN Leopard


Produced: 5,500

Manufacturer: Stahl Land Systems

Crew: 3

Weight: 67,400kg

Power to Weight Ratio: 26.7

Length: 7.97m

Length of Gun: 7m

Width: 3.8m

Height: 2.6m

Ground Clearance: .4m

Engine: 1800 hp Gas Turbine

Maximum Velocity: 74km/h

Range: 640km

Range With External Tanks: 1,130km

Trench: 5.6m

Step: 5.6m

Vertical Obstacle: 1.4m

Ford Unprepared: 1.8m

Ford Prepared: 6m

Climbing Gradient: 40x

Fire and Control Computer: Cornerstone Mk III

Armament: 140mm Light Weight High Breech Pressure Liquid Propellant ETC

1x G379B 20mm CTA ETC autocannon

1x 12.7mm HMG

1x Remote Weapon Station (HammerFist)

1x 60mm mortar


48 Rounds in turret/36 rounds in turret

Main Gun Depression: -5/+38 degrees

Armor [Rolled Homogenous Equivalent with ERA vs. KE]:

Lower Hull: 1,100mm

Glacis: 2,440mm

Front 1/3 Side Hull: 930mm

Front Side Turret/ Side Turret: 1,920mm

Rear Turret: 740mm

Rear Hull: 698.5mm

Side Hull: 1,810mm

Mantlet: 3,325mm

Weakened Zone: 3,450mm

Front Turret Corners: 3,450mm

Side Turret: 2,200mm

Roof: 235mm

Armor [Rolled Homogenous Equivalent with ERA vs. CE]:

Lower Hull: 1,400mm

Glacis: 2,980mm

Front 1/3 Side Hull: 1,100m

Front Side Turret/Side Turret: 2,100mm

Rear Turret: 1,498mm

Rear Hull: 1,387mm

Side Hull: 1,750mm

Mantlet: 3,610mm

Weakened Zone: 3,790mm

Front Turret Corners: 3,820mm

Side Turret: 1,830mm

Roof: 715mm

Suspension: Active Hydropneumatic Suspension System

Sensors & Range:

4th Generation FLIR @ 13km targeting range; 8km classification range

3rd Generation LADAR @ ~10km classification range

3rd Generation CITV

Night Vision: Integrated with sensors.

NBC Protection: Air-tight chassis and turret, air filtration and overpressure air conditioning system, masks and uniforms. Protected against EMP.



Produced: 1,217

Crew: 3 [Driver, Commander and Gunner]

Carrying Capacity: 15, including crew

Vehicle Armament:

-1x 35mm Chaingun

-2x portmounted 7.92mm machineguns

-2x anti-tank guided missiles

-1x 60mm grenade launcher


-1,600 rounds for the 35mm [dispensed into four modular bins]

-800 rounds per portmounted machineguns

Length, Hull: 8.7m

Width: 3.57m

Height Overall: 2.3m

Ground Clearance: 0.51m

Weight, Combat: 51 tons

Weight, Empty: 45 tons

Turret Traverse: 360

Engine: Q-300-J 1200bhp Diesel

Maximum Horsepower: 1200bhp

Maximum Road Speed: 76 km/hr

Maximum Reverse Road Speed: 25 km/hr

Maximum Off-Road Speed: 55 km/hr

Acceleration, 0km/hr to 65km/hr: 17 sec

Maximum Range: 620 km

Fuel Capacity: 600 lit

Fording: 2.5m

Tracks: 450mm single pin metalic tracks with rubber inset roadwheels

Vertical Obstacle: 1.13m

Trench: 3.3m

Gradient: 60%

Side Slope: 40%

Armour Type: Composite

RHA: ca. 600mm RHAe vs. KE; ca. 1,600mm vs. CE

NBC System: CC/COP-30, 3+12x IDV-14 - Protected against EMP

Night Vision Equipment: Yes (Driver, Commander, And Gunner)

SKN PzH2000


General Characteristics

  • Crew: 5 (commander, driver, gunner, 2 loaders)
  • Length: 11.7 meters (38.4 feet)
  • Width: 3.6 meters (11.8 feet)
  • Height: 3.1 meters (10.2 feet)
  • Unit cost: US$4.45 million
  • Combat weight: 55.3 tons


http://' target="_blank">


  • Engine: MTU 881 Ka-500
    • Power: 986 hp (736kW)
    • Power/weight: 17.83 hp/ton

    [*]Top speed

    • On-road: 60 km/h (37 mph)
    • Off-road: 45 km/h (28 mph)

    [*]Range (of the vehicle): 420 km (261 miles)

    [*]Fuel Economy: 240 L/100 km

SKN F&F Anti-Tank Missile


Name: Stahl-1 Advanced Fire and Forget Anti Tank Missile

Classification: Anti-Tank Guided Missile

Manufacturer: Stahl Arms

Launch Platform: Shoulder-fired

Length: 1200mm

Diameter: 12.5cm

Weight: 13kg (Missile) 9kg (Firing post)

Speed: 300 m/s

Range (Operational): 4000m

Range (Minimum): 50m

Flight Profile: Top Attack/Direct Attack

Warhead: Tandemn HEAT

Penetration: 850mm

Powerplant: Two-stage solid fuel rocket motor (Boost/sustain)

Guidance: Infrared imaging/short wave infrared electro-optical; fiber optic datalink

Fuse: Contact fused

SKN PAD System


Designation: StAhl-3 Man-portable Air Defence System

Classification: Man Portable Air Defense

Launch Platform: Shoulder-fired

Length: 1.5m

Diameter: 7cm

Weight: 22lb (Missile) 35lb (Complete system)

Speed: Mach 2.4

Range (Operational): 8000m (Seeker head only) 12000m (External tracking systems utilized)

Range (Minimum): 100m

Cieling: 4500m

Warhead: 7lb HE Fragmentation

Powerplant: Two-stage solid fuel rocket motor

Guidance: Infrared imaging/short wave infrared electro-optical; datalink

Fuse: Laser proximity fused/contact fused

SKN Bellicus


Role: Gunship/Transport

Personnel: 4 crew (pilot, gunner, two door (also serve as flight mechanic and crew chief respectively)) 14 passengers

Engines: 2x 3,000hp I/TS.XIIH Turboshafts


Maximum Gross: 16,500kg

Normal Takeoff: 14,000kg

Empty: 10,500kg

Standard Payload: External weapons load: 3,500 kg on 6 under-wing stores points and 2 wingtip hardpoints.


Maximum: 350km/h

Cruise: 280km/h


Service: 5,000 meters

Range (km): 450

Maximum Load: 5 hours flight time

Normal Load: 6 hours flight time



• 23x135mm CTA D/ACU.230H Automatic Cannon (nose-mounted, 1500rds)

• Twin 37x100mm CTA D/ACU.370H (fuselage mounted, one on either side 300rds each)

• Two 7.8x63mm 4M3 Medium Machineguns (Door guns, 1200rds ready each, 4,000 stored)

Optional (6 hardpoints):

• 82mm rockets (20 per pod)

• 57mm rockets (45 per pod)

• ATGM mounts (4 per mount)

• Air-to-Air missiles (2 per wingtip hardpoint or 3 on underwing hardpoint)

• Gun pod: 23mm autocannon

• Gun pod: 40mm grenade machinegun

Goliath Fixed Heavy Artillery Platform


Height: Gun lowered: 5.1 meters

Gun at maximum angle: 9.7 meters

Width: 8.4 meters

Turret length: 8.6 meters

Protection: Control: Remote

Armament: 1x5 barrel 155mm

Flak-10 Anti-Air Fixed Defensive Gun


Width: 3.1 meters

Turret length: 3.7 meters

Protection: 2 layers (4 in. thick) of Kevlar type material; 1 layer (1 in. thick) of aluminum foil around vital sensors and wiring; 3 layers (6 in. thick) of titanium reinforced steel

Control: Remote or Automatic

Armament: 1 x 35mm 6 barreled Metal Storm cannon

Purpose: Protection for various static defensive system.

Defense: Can Receed into ground incase of attack.

SKN AP/A Fixed Turret


Height: 4 meters

Width: 3.7 meters

Turret length: 7 meters

Protection: 3 layers (3 ft thick) of rebar-reinforced concrete at the base; 1 layer (2 in thick) of titanium/steel composite mesh throughout frame; 2 layers (6 in thick) of ablative armor/Kevlar type material on upper half of frame

Control: Manual, Remote or automatic

Armament: 2 x 90mm Vulcan autocannons, capable of firing regular bullets or explosive projectiles

Construction Positions: These systems will be used in several areas, most notably the edges of cities in case of invasion. The Shark will also be employed along the border, as a precursor to stop an invasion before it happens and as a fast response to an actual invasion. It will also be placed at harbors and docks, as well as points the border any body of water.

Defense: Can Receed into ground incase of attack. Additionally, Shark" a small RADAR/IR/LIDAR and turret/gun movement system have been upgraded to allow the Shark to engage incoming Missiles/ATGMs with "Pop Rock" Canister system, also the refit included the addition of Centrifuge CIWS system to engage ATGMs and a 15.5mm gun for close infantry surpression.

HE Round

Description: The High Explosive shell is merely an empty casting full of Octagen using a small brazen fuse, although there have been claims that the Reichwehr has issued the same round without the fuze, dispersing it randomly within stockpiles of the round; the idea is to defeat shortstop equipped ordnance.

Range: 80kms [standard]; 30kms [howitzer];

Velocity: Mach 4-6

Warhead: High Explosive

Guidance: Inertial and GPS


Description: The Extended Range Dual Purpose Improved Conventional Munition is the long range dispenser artillery round of the Reichwehr, able to carry up to seventy-two small anti-armor/personnel grenade submunitions. The round is capable of successfully engaging unarmored vehicles, soft skinned vehicles and personnel, at extremely long ranges, which amount to some forty kilometers for a howitzer and around eighty kilometers to one hundred kilometers for the advance field artillery system. The round is designed with GPS and inertial guidance, and's burst radius has been reduced to ten meters. The round has also been improved upon the XM982 design, incorporated rocket assistance. The anti-armour bomblets can effectively penetrate up to 130mm worth of armour.

Range: 40kms [Howitzer]; 120kms [Field Gun ETC/EM assisted]

Velocity: Mach 4 to Mach 7

Warhead: 72 Anti-Armor or Anti-Personnel Grenade Submunitions

Fire Capabilities: Non Line of Site; Fire and Forget

Guidance: GPS, Inertial, Millimeter Wave


Description: This Sense and Destroy Armor Munition is an extended program to the M898 munition of the US Army. The round carries a host of anti-armor submunitions that release themselves on top of enemy light armoured vehicles, penetrating the top armour. How it works is that the round uses a parachute like device to slowly fall over the target and at a certain height, dictated by a range of sensors, the round divides into two submunition penetrators that use their own sensors to search and destroy for enemy vehicles. When the target is located the submunition fires an explosively formed penetrator [EFP] at it. Under the best circumstances the TIR.21.155 SADARM has been able to destroy two vehicles with one round.

Range: 35kms [howitzer]; 50kms [artillery]; 80kms [EM or ETC artillery]

Velocity: Mach 4-7; terminal varies

Warhead: Anti-armour submunitions

Guidance: Inertial, GPS and Millimeter Wave

HD Round

Description: The HD shell, just like the TIR.11.155 HE round,l is merely an empty casting full of HD blister gas using a small brazen fuse, although there have been claims that the Reichwehr has issued the same round without the fuze, dispersing it randomly within stockpiles of the round; the idea is to defeat shortstop equipped ordnance.

Range: 80kms [standard]; 30kms [howitzer]; 100kms [Corbulo]

Velocity: Mach 4-6

Warhead: Blister Gas

Guidance: INS, GPS

RAAM Round

Description: The Remote Anti-Armor Munition is designed to be able to carry anti-armor mine munitions far distances, allowing to set up remote mine fields within minutes, especially in the face of an enemy advance. The round, if produced by Kriegzimmer, carries a single type of mine, set off through sensors which detail pressure and proximity, being quite accurate, and rather hard to see and deactivate in time. They are not designed to destroy tanks but rather blow off parts of the tracks, allowing further artillery and other strikes to deal with the now stopped armour. The mine has a 48 hour lifespan.

Range: 30 to 70 kilometers

Velocity: Mach 2 to Mach 5

Warhead: Submunitions; 60 anti-tank mines

Guidance: Inertial and GPS

AFAP Round

Description: The TIR.31 is a nuclear tipped Artillery-Fired Atomic Projectile, with rocket assist, offering it an excellent range. It's a mini tactical nuclear weapon, designed to destroy large amounts of enemy personnel and vehicles within single strikes. The shell has never been used by the Reich forces, although it is always stockpiled as a possibility. The nuclear warhead also use the effect of extended radiation [ER] to increase the killing power of the shell.

Range: 80 Kilometers

Velocity: Mach 6

Warhead: Nuclear [small, 5 -10KT]

Guidance: Inertial, GPS, Millimeter Wave

Air Forces and Defenses:

SKN Advanced Fighter


Type: Multi-role Fighter Aircraft

Contractor(s): Imperial Aerospace Corporation, GEM Aerospace

Personnel: 1 (Pilot)

Length: 16.2m

Wingspan: 12.2m

Height: 4.2m

Empty Weight: 10,200 kg

Loaded Weight: 16,800 kg

MTOW: 23,820 kg


Cruising Speed: Mach 0.8

Max Speed: ~Mach 2.3

Service Ceiling: 19,820 m

Engines: 2x Imperial Aerospace D/VPCBT-2A Variable Post Compression Bypass Turbofan, providing 108kN thrust ea.

Cannon: D/ACU.230A 23x135mm CTA Gast Gun

Payload: 6,800kg max



Type: Super Heavy Bomber

Length: 101m

Wingspan: 117.16m

Height: 25.3m

Empty Weight: 230,000 kilograms

Loaded Weight: 449,310 kilograms

Maximum Take-Off Weight: 572,330 kilograms

Power Plant: Six F101-GE-102 augmented turbofans

Maximum Velocity: 1,050 kph

Cruise Velocity: 870 kph

Range: Unlimited

Service Ceiling: 16,000 meters

Armament: six external hardpoints for 59,000 lb (27,000 kg) of ordnance and 5 internal bomb bays for 75,000 lb (34,000 kg) of ordnance.


Two internal 'Artus' cylindrical mini-missile close-in weapon system

Crew: 5

Munitions for Air Forces:

SKN-4 Long Range Cruise Missile

Length: 14.2m including booster

Diameter: 1.3m

Weight: 12,100kg

Guidance: Inertial with GPS, imaging IR and LADAR at terminal

Propulsion: Pulse detonation, with rocket booster

Speed: Mach 4.5 cruise; Mach 5.4 at terminal;

Range: 4600km air launch, 3800km sea launch

Altitude: 85,000ft altitude

Warhead: 1600kg HE or 600kg penetration

SKN-1 Air-to-Surface Missile

Length: 2.8m

Diameter: 26.3cm

Finspan: 56cm

Weight: 318kg

Range: 80km max, 10-50km typical

Speed: Mach 2+

Propulsion: Solid rocket booster with small turbojet

Platforms: Tactical aircraft (Ground attack Bombers) (triple-round launcher for 2000lb-class hardpoints, 1-round launcher for 500-1000lb class hardpoints)

Guidance: GPS-aided INS with LADAR and imaging IR (A) or MMW radar (

Warhead: 120kg penetrating blast fragmentation (A), or 72kg triple-stage HEAT


Length: 6.52m

Diameter: 0.45m

Weight: 890kg

Guidance: Inertial with GPS, passive radar-homing seeker w/ home-on-jam with MMW radar and LADAR at terminal, or passive laser-homing seeker with MMW radar at terminal

Propulsion: Ducted rocket-ramjet with throttle control and 3D TVC

Speed: Mach 4.6

Range: 350km at medium-high altitudes

Warhead: 100kg HE-Frag or flechette

Aside from the addition of a conglomeration of new technologies, the new variant is significant in that it is no longer an anti-radiation missile, but rather an air defence suppression missile capable of striking both radar and LADAR sensors. When compared to the NALSAR, it utilizes a lighter airframe with a more efficient ducted rocket-ramjet system (as demonstrated on modified HARMs), with maneuver control provided by 3D thrust vectoring nozzles, small maneuvering control nozzles mounted aft of the missile, and small fins. In terms of guidance, the B variant utilizes an advanced passive radar-homing seeker with additional home-on-jam capabilities against ground-based radar jammers, though the seeker also has the added capability to engage communication sites and GPS jammers as well, albeit with a lower success rate. Along with this, a MMW radar and LADAR guidance package is also provided, in case if the targeted radar is shut down. When coupled with the GPS system, this can also permit the precision targeting of specific vehicles alongside the targeted radar, such as control centers and the SAM launchers themselves.

SKN-ALAR Missile

Length: 4.6m

Diameter: 0.32m

Weight: 480kg

Guidance: Inertial with GPS, passive radar-homing seeker w/ home-on-jam with MMW radar and LADAR at terminal (D variant), or passive laser-homing seeker with MMW radar at terminal (E variant)

Propulsion: Ducted rocket-ramjet with throttle control and 3d TVC

Speed: Mach 6

Range: 200km at medium-high altitudes

Warhead: 45kg HE-Frag or flechette

SKN-ALAS Missile

Medium Range Air/Surface Launched Anti-Ship/Surface Missile

Length: 7.25m w/rocket booster(surface launch); 6.7 w/o rocket booster(Air launch)

Diameter: 0.5m [wings folded in]

Wingspan: 2.5m [wings folded out]

Weight: 2300kg w/booster

Guidance: GPS with Foward/Down Looking Terrain Imaging RADAR with active AESA/LPI radar (with home-on-jam and home-on-emission modes) and LADAR at terminal, possible datalink with AWACS/satellites or ship-based combat engagement system

Anti-Ship Attack Mode: Sea-skimming(2m) to impact with twisting pop-up manuver(or regular pop-up).

Surface Attack Mode: Terrain hugging (5m)

Cruise Speed: Mach .8(Surface Attack); Mach .9(Anti-Ship)

Terminal Attack Speed: Mach 2.5 (Surface Attack); Mach 3.5 (Anti-Ship)

Range(Surface Launched): 400km Surface Atack; 350km Anti-Ship

Range(Air Launched-High Altitude): 450km Surface Atack; 375km Anti-Ship

Warhead: 50kg Depleted Uranium Penetrating Cap + 80kg Penetrating HE Warhead or 50kt Nuclear Warhead

Propulsion: Rocket-Ramjet with throttle control and 3D TVC

Countermeasues: Chaff + Flares

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OOC: Two points. this looks like a bad copy paste of images and text from around the RP.

Second, particle beams, are you serious? NO FREAKING WAY.

Using GM wipe ability, Eagle I sats and associated concepts and support systems no longer exist

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OOC: Two points. this looks like a bad copy paste of images and text from around the RP.

Second, particle beams, are you serious? NO FREAKING WAY.

Using GM wipe ability, Eagle I sats and associated concepts and support systems no longer exist

Vektor let sold me the stuff. Other stuff coming in later when I do domestic development. >.>

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Vektor let sold me the stuff. Other stuff coming in later when I do domestic development. >.>

Rp to back this? And selling tech comes under a tech share, so do you have one of those? And is Malatose part of any other tech share?

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