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Joint Declaration from GRAN, VA, MOON, Genesis and ARES

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First and foremost we would like to declare that all parties were exceptional allies and exceptional foes accordingly. Each alliance involved has proved their mettle. But realizing that further resistance is futile and enough damage has been done the alliances of Veritas Aequitas and Global Republic of Armed Nations (GRAN only entering the conflict to help their allies in VA) have decided that peace is the best option and thusly the above alliances make the following declaration. (Justly stolen from TFD, FOK, WAPA and TGE announcement)

The Majestic Order of Orange Nations, Genesis, Ascended Republic of Elite States, Veritas Aequitas, and Global Republic of Armed Nations hereby agree to end all hostilities among themselves immediately, subject to the following terms:

Veritas Aequitas and the Global Republic of Armed Nations agree to remain neutral for the remainder of the conflict between Karma and the alliances commonly known as The Hegemony. This includes refraining from combat and aiding any combatants in the current conflict. By signing this agreement all of the signatory alliances agree to act in good faith towards one another; should any member of the undersigned alliances violate the agreement stipulated above, they will be treated as rogues by their current alliance and subject to any and all penalties as set forth in the charter of the alliance in question.

Signed for MOON,

Emperor - Ovelord Shinnra

Imperial Regent - Mattski133

Imperial Steward - Kitler

Imperial Duke - Diamond D

Imperial Chancellor - Homeboy

Signed for Genesis,

Templar - Trinity

Flygirl - Trinity

Empirica - Trinity

Signed for Ares,

Joe Stupid- President of ARES

Lord Kresden - Vice President

Signed for VA,

Mrott of Litarew - Lord Protector of Veritas Aequitas

Signed for GRAN,

Outworld - Emperor

aryan83- elite council

coldielox- Elite council

alaric- elite council

The Moon is a little safer now.

Edit - /facepalms I forgot to add the sigs

Edited by Overlord Shinnra
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