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We interupt this broadcast

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We interupt this broadcast for.........A birthday announcement :D

We would like to thank all of you reading this.The Shadow Confederacy is celebrating its first birthday today.We are so proud to have made it to this point.Anyone who wants to join in on our party or come and eat birthday cake feel free to stop by our irc channel #T-S-C.There will be free birthday cake.

don't like the cake then that is more for the rest of us.

We were going to list the people that had helped us along the way,and give them medals on our forums.However,on ACF's birthday they gave medals out on the OWF.We are going to be copy cats and do that also.I listed them by alliance so I could remember them better.Don't like that idea? who cares? not us or anyone else in/on planet Bob.This is the medal the following have recieved.


The Most Honorable Award of The Shadow Confederacy (ATSC)

Awarded for the recognition of the meritorious service of foreigners to The Shadow Confederacy

Amazon Nation:

Randalla- Randalla has been one of TSC's greatest freinds and she is just-super awesome enough said.

Larethiel- Larethiel is my favorite Amazon she is very fun to have on IRC.

Amarynth- Ama is the best book writer I know and is going to be rich one day.

Elbyran- for always being as perverted as possible. :P

Dark Fist:

Starcraftmazter- SCM has helped us out from the begining and was one of our first MDoAP partners via the BPI.Thanks a whole lot SCM.We are glad to have you as one of TSC's best freinds. :wub:


Mecha Sheik- for being the brainiest diplomat I know.Thanks for being a freind Mecha


Sharduke- There is no way we could ever repay Sharduke for all that he has done for us.I first met him back at CIS.He created our flag for us.He done our first skin for our forums and even put in our cool info bar.We are very glad to have Ravyns as an MDP partner.


Lonewolfe- Rain or shine LW is always on our irc.He helped me create my awesome Omnibot and is one of my greates freinds.ACF was TSC's first treaty partner and we are glad to still have that treaty alive today.Do you think


Prather- Prather helped TSC with our first problem when we had a member go rouge.Prather has continued to be a good freind to our alliance.


Demag- Demag is our ambassador from NOVA our former protectors.Thanks for always being there Demag.

HM- Hm4A1 Thanks for being one of our greatest protectors.


King Wilkinson- KW has always entertained me with his constant SPAM wars and his good knowledge of Foreign Affairs.

and finaly


King Crowe- Kc is another good freind of TSC who is a SPAM maniac!

There you go! I have nicknamed these the un-lucky thirteen. ;)

and wait don't leave yet!

TSC passes the 500k NS mark!

500k NS past!

ok guys that is it.

lets re-cap what happened.

TSC had a birthday.Gave medals to a bunch of cool guys and then announced passing the 500k NS mark,but Omnihad to put it in a link because he was to stupid to take a screenshot <_< .Then you guys gave mindless hails and talked about how cool we were.Thanks and have a nice day.

AND now we return you back to the war!

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"Ve interrupt zis program vith terrible news

Doctor Light has been kidnapped by-- guess who?






You made my day. Thanks, TSC.

You are welcome making days is what we do ;)

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