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Joint Declaration of TFD, FOK, WAPA and TGE


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WHEREAS, a state of war has existed between The German Empire and The Foreign Division; and

WHEREAS, FOK and We Are Perth Army have entered the conflict in support of The German Empire; and

WHEREAS, The German Empire, The Foreign Division, We Are Perth Army and FOK recognize the futility of further conflict;


By Agreement of all parties, hostilities between The Foreign Division and The German Empire and its allies, FOK and We Are Perth Army, will end effective immediately, subject to the following terms:

The Foreign Division agrees hereby to remain neutral for the remainder of the current conflict between Karma and the alliances commonly known as the Hegemony, both by refraining from combat and from aiding any combatants in the current conflict.

The Alliances party hereto affirm their good faith in signing this Declaration, and agree by their signatures below that any of the member nations of the undersigned alliances acting in violation of this Declaration will be treated as rogues by their respective alliances and subject to any and all penalties as set forth in the charter of the alliance in question.

AGREED TO this 28th day of April, A.D. 2009:


For FOK:

MikeTheFirst, President

Tromp, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Outlander, Minister of Internal Affairs

Tha_one, Minister of Defense

Ecnelis, Minister of Economic Affairs


For We Are Perth Army:

Broon & Prince Buster

The Firm


For The Foreign Division:

Firebolt, Senator

Lusitan, Senator

Herbert, Senator

KingAdam, Senator

Sir Volpe, Senator

ZeroSoldier, Minister of Security

SupremePrince, Minister of Foreign Affairs

GearHead, Minister of Internal Affairs

Thierra, Minister of Economic Affairs

Legend, Director of Banks


For The German Empire:

Emperor Frederick II

Valdemar, Imperial Chancellor

Rommelgrad, Minister of Foreign Affairs

President Chris, Minister of War

Kaiser Milch, Minister of Internal Affairs

Sheogorath, Minister of Finance

FranKie, Minister of Research

John A. MacDonald, Minister of Propaganda

Shermanaslovakia, Imperial Vice-Chancellor,

Individually and on behalf of the Imperial Reichstag

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Congratulations to my good friends in FOK and to her allies on peace!

EDIT: Almost forgot:

/me waits for the calls of cowardice (don't worry TFD, you can ignore those).

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