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Trans-Continental Treaty


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The Trans-Continental Treaty

Article I:

The Republic of New England and the Sudenreich are friends on the world stage, and it shall be that way.

Article II:

Both signatory nation shall respect the sovereignty of the each other, and thus shall not commit any action that limits or otherwise hinders the each other’s sovereignty.

Article III:

Both signatory nations shall maintain open borders with each other. As such, no restrictions nor controls shall be imposed in each other’s borders. Citizens of both signatory nations are free to travel to the other with little intervention.

Article IV:

Both signatory nations shall lower tariff rates in regards to the each other, to increase trade between the two nations. There shall be free trade between the two signatory nations.

Article V:

When a signatory nation(s) is attacked by a third party, the other signatory nation is encouraged, although not required, to provide military, economic, or logistical support to that signatory nation.

Signed for the Republic of New England,

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President


Signed for the Sudenreich,

Ranather Rukia, Reichskaiser

Toru Tanekawa, Reichskanzler

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Immediately upon the treaty going into effect, persons, goods, and vessels from New England would be stricken from Imperial Search Orders, Border Restrictions, and Martial Law recently imposed in the Southern Empire.

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