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[CNRP] Südenreich State of Affairs


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Allow me to take this moment to clarify our positions on the many events taking place, as well as update of the domestic issues at hand.

First off, I find the current war in Europe (when isn't it, heh?) quite distasteful. Though I cannot admit to being privy to the preliminaries that led to it, I can say that we are not getting involved in yet another useless conflict. I have friends on both sides and it is my sincere hope that it is not the people who suffer to satisfy some mad bloodlust on the part of some leaders.

In a more regional note, with our southern Transvaler neighbors gripped by anarchy and civil strife, I am declaring Martial Law within 50 KM of that border, as well as tightening travel restrictions in general. Our other international borders are not closed, mind, but expect quite lengthy delays at our major ports and terminals.

Furthermore, with increased reports of gunrunning and pirate activity in the Southern Atlantic, probably due to the anarchy in Transvaal (Who is perhaps the most active combatant against piracy in the region), the entire Imperial Navy is conducting searches within our territorial waters. To avoid a potential diplomatic situation, international vessels are asked to fly their flags and, by radio or sattelitte, declare themselves upon entering our waters.

Within the Empire, as we begin to emerge from the economic downturn caused by our transitions as of late, the Imperial Investment Commission is offering huge tax breaks and incentives to foreign companies looking to invest in the development of our nation. though our domestic companies are doing an admirable job of updating and upgrading our national economic landscape, it would be foolish of me to believe that we could sustain a closed economy for any great length of time."

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