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3BR with Fish and Uranium


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As the topic says, this will be a permanent trade circle with 3BR and Fish and Uranium.


Cattle: thinker

Pigs: thinker

Wheat: Reeses Cup Queen

Water: Riddick

Sugar: Enimecnegnev

Aluminum: Wozzname

Spice: Enimecnegnev

Lumber: Reeses Cup Queen

Marble: Riddick

Iron: Kirchy

Fish: Kirchy

Uranium: Wozzname

Colour will be decided once all resources are found.

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I am good with green. We will all need to change to the chosen color before accepting the trades. Otherwise we will have to cancel and accept them again to gain the bonus of the same color trade.Also, I would like to request 2 days for the cancellation of my current trades. Some of these trade partners of mine I have had for well over a year and a half or more. I will not cancel on them without notice. Is everyone good with that?

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I've apparently got to wait 2 days: You recently cast a vote for the Blue Team on 4/29/2009. You may not change teams until 5/4/2009.

Also, looks like we'll go green.

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to those not on green. just accept for now and resend the offer after you change your team color.

also i will give atleast 48hours notice to all trade partners if i should ever leave the circle. Please return that respect.

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