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Peace Agreement


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As voted on by the Senates of the Orange Defense Network and Vox Populi, and announced on CN Radio:




The Orange Defense Network and Vox Populi are proud to announce that we have reached a mutual agreement for the cessation of hostilities between our alliances. It is our belief that this war is neither necessary nor prudent and hereby declare it to be at an end. Additionally, our two alliances agree to the following terms:

1. All Vox Populi personnel currently operating within the Orange Defense Network are instructed to cease operations against ODN.

2. Vox Populi and the Orange Defense Network shall hereby enter into an agreement of mutual defense. An attack on one signatory shall be considered an attack on all signatories, and will be responded to as such.

3. Vox Populi must present the Orange Defense Network with a shrubbery. The Orange Defense Network shall cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring.

4. Sunstar shall issue a statement in reply to this post. The nature of that statement shall be a compliment to Schattenman on his prowess as a news reporter and the elegance of his bow tie. The statement must include the following words: muscular, charming, monochromatic, ointment, and platypus.

5. Schattenman must also issue a similar statement. This statement shall compliment Sunstar on his superior warring abilities and the quality of his fusion energy production. It must include the words: navel, porcupine, and quartzy.

6. Electron Sponge shall officially retain the title of Viceroy of the ODN. This title shall come with no powers or responsibilities whatsoever.

7. Term 2 shall apply only on February 30th.

8. Reparations in the amount of 69 soldiers shall be paid to the nation of Free Radicals by Vox Populi.


For the Orange Defense Network,

Secretary General - Sunstar

Secretary of Defense - Proximus

Secretary of State - Arsenal

Secretary of Economics - Merlin

Secretary of Interior - Yates

Senate XXVIII - Joracy, Cataduanes, Dujek, & Franziskaner

For Vox Populi,

Doitzel, Vox Dei

Chunky Monkey, Senator

Schattenmann, Senator

MegaAros, Senator

Reverend Doctor Electron Sponge, Archbishop of Vox Populi, Senator and Minister of Science of Vox Populi, Imperator Emeritus of the New Polar Order, Admiral of the Greenland Republic Iceberg Armada and Viceroy of the Orange Defense Network, also hello

Edited by Sunstar
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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

In September 2007, the inferno that flared then receeded into the smouldering UnJust War was just beginning. So, too, were the careers of Digiterra's most skilled statesmen. At 6 months old, Schloss Eggenberg, who's leader thought he could only buy ten infrastructure per day, was at 2000 NS. At 2 months old, Georgian Bay--a leading exporter of naval oranges grown on its mild, dry coasts--was also in the vicinity of 2000 NS. Lead by the enigmatic Schattenmann and bombastic Sunstar respectively, these fledgling nations found themselves at odds as ODN tonked GOONS for being masta hackas.

Outgunned and more accustomed to ruling a cask of fine brandy than a nation, Schattenmann found himself increasingly unable to return the fire dealt by the forces of Georgian Bay. As day 7 of the war approached, the Shadow attempted to withdraw his bitterly suffering nation from Sunstar's reach, but the warrior ruler outmaneuvered him. On the battlefield. Nimble on his feet, the schemer feigned surrender to the forces of the alliance formerly known as IRON several days later, and began a 20 month period of national stagnation, topping out at 9000 NS. In its most pressing times, the reeling Schloss Eggenberg even tried exporting porcupines to balance the books.

Georgian Bay, however, surged forward as the war died down. In the post-war era, victorious nations of the ODN took advantage of peace and relative insulation from world events to develope technology and culture, and nation-build. In Georgian Bay, funding initiatives of the Sunstar administration resulted in scientific revelations in the field of fusion. Georgian Bay phycisists found that, using the nations unique quartzy iron in a manner still classified to outsiders, they could sustain fusion for an as-yet undetermined period. So far, the earliest successful prototype has been powering the nation's capitol for the nearly 17 years since the war's end.

The world may say what it will about war. The paths of Schloss Eggenberg and Georgian Bay--of Schattenmann and Sunstar--who met on the battlefield as blank slates so many years ago speaks louder. It is war that ignited us, propelled us, set us apart and brings us together, embitters or emboldens us. War is the ticking mechanism at the navel of Digiterra, the movement of which is seen in its own perfect time in the movements of us all.

Sunstar, your prowess on the battlefield is outshown only by your political glow. You've been a great foe and foil (even if it was mostly cold), and I'm glad to make amends with you.

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