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The Commonwealth Answers the Call


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The Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations Presents:


The Joys of War

Welcome to the Joy of War, where together we will achieve a new and exciting level of Global Radiation.

Sometimes in the course of world events, ill advised declarations are made. In the event of an ill advised declaration against an ally of Ragnarok, the The Super-Amazing Wedding Accords come equipped wth:



The Commonwealth is now in a state of war with NADC.


Big Goose,

Head of State for the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations, comes equipped with Nukes, Planes, and a martial appetite that will knock your socks off! Big Goose has satisfied women throughout the world! And the capital of Nebraska is Lincoln! And he's got a cane lying around somewhere.


Chief Phrophylactic and War Machine of CSN


The Preacher of Goose, Swordmaster, Slayer of Infidels, and Doer of Your Mum.


The Hand of Goose, Master of Beward, Detroyer of the Deined, Preacher Apprentice of Goose, Chronicler of Big Words


The Shadow of Goose, Guru of Graphics, Builder of Pylons

Lord Brendan,

King of the Bank, Bringer of Death, FUN Survivor and Warrior of the Hydra

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well it looks like NADC is having a wonderful day

Oh we are! We love the uranium, we use it to bake the NADCookies.

Which, BTW, are on sale for only $4.99 a dozen for a short time only! And these ones haven't even been tainted with Lailander frosting!

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