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Tennessee Annexes The Rest of Wisconsin


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Tennessee Moves In

Military and security forces moved into North Wisconsin. The Defense Line will be altered a little to facilitate this change. The area will be having local elections soon. The citizens seem content with the exchange. Reports of unrest have been known to exist. We are glad to see yet another peaceful exchange with Alvonia. We pray this peace remains!

Reference: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?s...53215&st=80

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OOC: Well, the middle US nations (with Viniland and her protectorates) sought really to better organize the land to minimize disputes and really to go along state lines. It was just to make things clear. Everyone consented so yea...

IC: An Agreement between Alvonia and Tennessee allowed this. Alvonia gave the land to Tennessee as they would focus their activities more in the Dakotas.

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