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SSSW18 Announcement


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Our allies in IRAN have been going through a rough period of internal conflict within the last day or so. Being the concerned allies we are, we took stories from most of the concerned members of the conflict. We have determined that Batallion has acted against the trust of IRAN membership by going behind their back into agreements without consenting all government. The new government has done the right thing in temporarily removing him from government and Batallion's claim to power is not in the interest of IRAN.

Due to these revelations, SSSW18 finds it proper to give out her support to the government of IRAN in these troubling times. We stick by our allies and will uphold our treaty obligations to them with what little power we might have at the moment.

As a gesture of good will, SSSW18 will oversee the construction of a full bar into the IRAN HQ. We have a feeling you'll make good use out of it :D


[OOC] IRAN, we'll be your Russia. [/OOC]

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I was told this would be an evil thread.

Everyone seems too nice... -_-

=o That means its all a huge conspiracy!

On an unrelated note, tin foil hats will be going on sale today in The Lazer. 3M each, no refunds. Thanks in advance and o/ SSS18 and Mogar.

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