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An Announcement from Athens


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A Short Announcement from Athens

Pyramid, who announced their Declaration of Existence here: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=55671, is under the full protection of Athens until further notice. An attack on them is an attack on us and will be met with a full response from the Athenian military. I would also like to point out that Pyramid is neutral in the current global conflict and will not be fighting for Athens in any shape or form.

Signed on behalf of Athens

Archon eponymos - Londo Mollari

Archon basileus - Rsoxbronco1

Jgoods- Theorodokos

Signed on behalf of Pyramid

BringmetheHorizon, Pharaoh

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Jgoods why is your name on the left side, when Rsox, and Londos name are on the right.


He' also rides the short bus to war, he's special

Congratulations Athens! Does this mean that I have to call Londo "daddy" now? :lol:

Good luck to Pyramid, may they learn and thrive with their new family.

What do you mean start ? >:o...

You should have been calling him daddy a long time ago!

No one messes with Athens and those Athens protects

o/ Athens!


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