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The Republic goes to war

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AZTEC declares war on MCXA, and as such Germania joins the fight with her brothers! The decision was not taken lightly, and we feel our leaders in the alliance are leading us in the right



Chancellor Rudolf Manstein signs the declaration of war

Our standing army was inspected and then deployed

overseas, to fight the good fight against the MCXA!


President Viktor Gruen inspects the troops "Somewhere in the Republic", security tightens on Chancellor; President's whereabouts

Aerial combat reaches a fever when we launch multiple attacks on urban centers. One fighter is lost, one more son that must be buried. Several enemy fighters were lost in the fighting.


Fighter closes in for the kill, the Republic is victorious in the air

Intensive bombing campaigns pick up. Our singular goal is to demoralize the enemy completely and destroy their will to fight.


Urban centers were given no mercy. The enemy will learn to fear us.


Residents bemoan the loss of their home and earthly possessions. Go get 'em, boys!

Artillery and missile attacks, conventional and chemical, were conducted on enemy civilian centers. Damage was extensive to enemy facilities; our senior military advisers have a good feeling about this war.


Cruise missile launched to kill the enemy in the name of the fatherland

The infantry cross the border in helicopters, on tanks and in mechanized troop carriers, as well as in jeeps and other light vehicles.


SItuation map


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DAY 2 & 3

Jets continue to pound the enemy air force and structures to smithereens, as we have our way with Salt Lake City. Our forces push past Ogden and Provo to advance on Salt Lake City. The enemy puts up stiff resistance, but we put them down and were capable of pushing into Salt Lake City, when the city was destroyed in a fireball. We had launched our first nuclear weapon and destroyed the city. Unfortunately, the enemy continues to resist in the hills, but we have won the war decisively. A second nuke was launched again at Salt Lake City, a little north of it, to wipe

out resistance.


Situation Map


WAR with Kangaroo

War has broken out, as the Germanic Republic enters the fray against a second MCXA!The enemy had already been beaten and pulverized by our allies to the West and South, so we made the push from the Northwest and North into the nation of Kangaroo.

There are four pockets of resistance to overcome:

The Roanoke pocket consist of Lexington, Lynchburg, Roanoke, and the river valley. There are a variety of forts in the area that make advance difficult.


The Fredericksburg pocket in Northeastern Kangaroo consist of the major town of Fredericksburg and the area around it. There are waterways into the city that haven't been blocked.

The Richmond pocket contains the area's most populous city and industrial center. There is heavy fighting in Richmond and casualties are very, very high.


The Virginia Beach pocket contains the enemy capitol of Virginia Beach, as well as the port of Norfolk and Newport News.

City fighting

Fighting has been intense, as German forces attempt to rout the forces of Kangaroo. Casualties were high as we battled our way through Charlottesville and on to Lexington.


German soldiers walked into an ambush

Second day

Collapse of Roanoke pocket

After intense fighting, the city of Lexington has fallen, along with Roanoke. Lynchburg struggles on but it is estimate they won't last through the night.


Nuclear attack and collapse of Virginia Beach pocket

The third nuclear attack of the war occured in the afternoon of April 27, 2009. The city of Virginia Beach was destroyed and the enemy has surrendered within the pocket. All that remains is Richmond and Fredericksburg!


Go get 'em, boys!

Situation map:


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